Monday, November 05, 2012

Now What Was It I Was Trying To Say?

It may be time to turn the furnace on.  I have had to reheat my cup of breakfast coffee twice (three) times so far and it is still cold when I go to sip some.  Now, the real problem could be a 26 year old microwave.  The appliances here at #12 are getting old.  As are the residents.

I had to figure out how to open the battery space in the Bluetooth touch pad before breakfast.  I know how to change the batteries in the wireless Mouse.  Still not sure about the keyboard.  G has got me supplied with an entire drawer full of batteries (for the storm) but they should keep things rolling in the computer for the winter.  My lifeline to the world.

I have begun wearing socks and slippers to keep my ice cold feet slightly warmer.  I enjoy wearing my thermal long sleeve tees to work under the company tee shirt.  I am looking forward to wearing my Santa flannel pj's.  Remember I purchased them just before Christmas last year.  Now I can wear them for a full 2 months.  A trip to Target this afternoon for toilet paper and thermal shirts (on sale this week) would be fun.  Perhaps they are selling the Skinny Peppermint Mocha?   Now you know how simple it is to keep me happy.

I will be putting a 6 pound pork roast (purchased on sale) in the oven soon.  Using the pulled pork recipe from Martha Stewart.  And I need to stop at the grocery for more cans of sauerkraut and a bag of onions to make my favorite pulled pork side dish.  Chicken is on sale and I discovered the Outback Alice Springs Chicken recipe and need to buy a large package of chicken, bacon, mushrooms and cheese for that dish which should be good for lunches at work.  I am back on track for buying and using whatever meat my grocery has on "special" each week.  I am not going so far as to stock the freezer with meat.  That doesn't work for me.  Last week's 6 pound pot roast was amazingly delicious.

I seem to be caught up on housekeeping here at home.  After my few errands I can perhaps do some reading.  Iron the half dozen shirts I have washed.  Sort my socks.  Work on making a Zentangle Doodle in my pen and paper journal.  Last month's desk top calendar page was well scribbled with sample designs I got off the internet.  Watching YouTube videos.  This is the sort of thing I save for winter entertainment.  I also brought home supplies to make two hand tied wreaths.  One for the front door and one to have handy as a gift, should I need one.  I could also make a Kissing Ball.

I'm off to the the attic in search of some lighted trees that a co worker might want to use.

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