Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Economic Caboose

Maine gets everything last.  This includes Recessions.  The Great Recession has finally reached Maine. We haven't felt the pain that the other states have, until recently.  At Art Club last evening we listed the businesses that have recently decided to close, get smaller or just fold up and disappear.  The remaining businesses, like the ones where G and I work, are suffering a lack of customers and sales.  Our employers are having to choose; fewer employees or less hours per employee.  Either choice creates unhappiness.  Nothing new here for Readers from Away.  (anywhere that is not Maine is Away)

Our candles got another workout last night.  15 minutes before Art Club would have shut down on it's own, the power went out.  Pitch black.  We used iPhones to collect supplies and venture out into the parking lot.  Power stayed out at my house until nearly 9:30.  CMP said they were going to knock the power out to repair a burned line--15 to 30 minutes tops.  Better now than during a snow storm. G and decided to spend $700 to get a designated power box for the generator.  So we could plug it into the house grid from outside the house and run the furnace and, after we got warm, the fridge and the television and a few lights.  Not all at the same time.  We may try and get information on solar panels for the roof.  Heat the house that way or heat something.  We have a large south facing roof with a high pitch.  The south side rooms are always warm, even in deepest winter, if the sun is shining.  These are things we discuss when the power is out.  Also, we need to restock the candle supply @ Target.

I was approached at work (today) by a member of a local (100 year old) Town organization known for it's gardening.  To speak to the group in April at their annual meeting.  Wow.  I am already speaking at a February Garden Club meeting.  Getting nervous about all this "new" stuff.  The classes I teach at work have led to these opportunities.  In fact, so many things are appearing due to the work classes and the 10x10 fund raiser.  It's rather amazing. And Art Club is a wonderful experience.  I did a Zentangle type doodle while we all chatted and worked on transferred images, driftwood sculptures or decoupage.

Work went well today.  I repotted my lavender plants for the winter in the house.  One of the plants could possibly have remained outdoors as it is a Zone 4.  Next year I may leave it outside.  I purchased ornament hooks for the Christmas tree.  I had been using bent paperclips for the past few years.  These look nice.  Professional.  100.  Should be enough.

The French Onion soup was fantastic.  We even had it served up in little brown and white crocks and I browned the cheese topping in the oven with the broiler.  20 years in this house with this oven and never before used the broiler.  It worked perfectly.  I was shocked.  So much room for new experiences here in my little world.  I think it all started when I bought that new microfiber underwear (in colors). LOL.

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