Friday, November 16, 2012

An Embarrassment Of Riches

Books.  And more Books.   I ordered the newest of the new, expecting a long wait, as usual, but everyday the e-mail lets me know another book has arrived.  I have to take some back (unread) to make room for others.  I can always order the returned books, again, later.  I have waited over 18 months for Phantom by Jo Nesbo.  That one stays here.  It's like choosing your favorite child.

Work, yesterday was very good.  The wreaths have arrived and we added bows and pinecones.  I must have over ordered the houseplants and I have five trays to unpack and set out today unless a co worker has already done it.  Open House tomorrow and Sunday.

G and I went to the afternoon showing of Skyfall yesterday after I got home from work.  It was good.  Not great.  Too long.  And Bond looked ill.  Thin, haggard and listless.  Perhaps Daniel Craig isn't feeling the love for Bond anymore???  He did all the fights and stunts but it seemed more like he was just putting up with it all and not enjoying any of it.  "When it crumbles, when it falls"

After the movie we went to Ruby Tuesday to use our coupon.  The food was okay.  Service was okay. Food presentation on the plate was terrible and sloppy as usual.  And portions were skimpy as usual.  I think the only reason anyone still goes there to eat is the coupon.  We have two more coupons and I really don't see us using them.  A new Panerra is being built next door.  The hole is being dug right now.  The Town wanted an Olive Garden.  As we drove thru Town we looked into the windows of the restaurants we passed.  Lots and lots of empty tables.  And, of course, the number of closed for good restaurants, increases as the winter closes in.  They never save summer tourist cash for the winter months.  It has nothing to do with the economy and more to do with the lack of budgeting skills.

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