Wednesday, April 05, 2006

04-05-06 Today's Date

My triptych on the bed in the best light in the house, no flash. Deborah will have to say whether this works to the subject matter of Ricky Timm's challenge. I don't know Ricky or his work. I haven't done any edge binding or final embellishment.

Red and pink painted fabric that got blown around in the wind outside and re-distributed the paint where I didn't put it. It'll be nice all cut up.

Wasabi in it's actual colorway. I am really liking this and wish I had made more than a half yard. But if I had made it bigger would it look like this. Acrylic paint and fabric dye. Looks very organic.

I have more neat photos for tomorrow. Today I'm going to the Mall. I never go to the Mall but I need sweatpants and that's the only place that might have them--Macy's. Also a Williams-Sonoma and Origins. I'm taking the camera in case I see something you'all might like to see also. My husband is going away tomorrow and wants me to "go someplace" with him today. He's so romantic. Shopping is the way to this girl's heart.


Cindra said...

Ewwww... love the fabrics. Gorgeous colors.

Deborah Boschert said...

Love the wasabi. Isn't there a little green volkswagon in Bruswick that has a "wasabi" liscense plate? Clever. And I adore the triptych. It's such an interesting mix of fabrics and shapes. Tell me more about the cross image. And I love how you have continued the leaf lines with the quilting in the third one. Quick quick, finish them up and enter.

Kim Carney said...

Those are soo great. Wasabi being my favorite ')