Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And The Rain Keeps Falling

Which has stopped bothering me. Spring rain helps everything grow. My daffodils and crocus are up and doing just fine. I have a few perennials planted in this little area, a micro climate of sorts since the house water moves into the septic tank right here, where the soil is warm earlier. I have planted some "iffy" things that may not live in my winter zone of 5. Gaura, which dances in the wind.

The vernal pool out to the right of the house, bordering the house along the side, continuing to the street out front. Deeper and wider than usual because of the rain and warm temps in February and March which melted the snow early. No peeps of Salamanders. No ducks swimming. My witch hazel in yellow blossom. The roots of the river birch under water. The lawn rolls downward into this deep dark pool of water. Breezes ripple the surface and the sky is reflected in it's surface as a grey blue. I think a constant water feature (minus the bugs) would be tempting. Riley would appreciate a year round place to wade and sip.

Today I am getting my hair cut. And having Indian lunch. But I am lucky today and have a friend to share the meal with. So, my conundrum this morning is whether to eat breakfast or wait and eat heartily at lunch. I am trying to reconnect with my 1200 calories a day diet plan. Yesterday's lunch was a ripe mango eaten over the sink. Dinner was soup with noodles. Breakfast was the last large hunk of Big Sky Granola. The eight o'clock rule is saving me from so many tempting things. Coffee & Donut (G's dessert) or popcorn. No food after 8 pm. Ever.

By 7 or 7.30, I assess whether I am hungry or just craving things. The granola was tempting me each evening. So I would heat up coffee or tea and have a small chunk or two or three. Now it's gone and I won't ever buy it again. I can't have things I crave around. I got into deep trouble in January, staying up late and eating entire bags of "healthy" chips and custard ice cream. Now I go to bed at the proper time and I don't snack at all. Will there ever be a day when I am happy with 1200 calories?

G is home today because of "End of the Month" which takes place in the evening. So, he is doing things while home this morning and afternoon :: getting his hair cut, dropping books off at the library and depositing money at the bank. Tomorrow, he gets the Jeep inspected and the oil changed at a new dealership. I made him Chicken Marsala for dinner yesterday and he has a portion leftover for lunch today. And a donut. And he is walking the dog. Hooray!!

I made a Doodle yesterday and am pretty happy with it. I will take a picture and show it to you tomorrow. The light is poor today. I used lots of materials in the creation of the doodle. This isn't usually a good thing. I view all the "art journal" stuff and see layers and layers of paint, pens, crayons, tissue, glue and stamps. I try this and end up with a sticky mess. Ugly. So, I have come to realize that I am one of those artists that must remain "simple". The Goldilocks Rule. Just enough. No more. No less. One or two techniques. Not the whole craft box of things on one page. And I must learn to wait. See if it needs something more -- tomorrow or even in an hour. Not. Right. This. Minute.

Work Tomorrow. The weather people seem to think the sun may return tomorrow. I am hoping the tree and shrub display has already been dismantled and additional greenhouse tables returned to their normal spaces. In other words, everything will be where it will be for the next five months. Routine. I had wanted some of the display daffodils, but I'm sure they were all taken home by other employees or tossed in the dumpster. Once, I would like to be in the right place at the right time for these plants. Hasn't worked out yet.

Which reminds me. I have work clothing that needs to be washed and plants upstairs that may need water. And a shower wouldn't be a bad idea.

My "leaf challenged" dwarf orange is sprouting the tiniest of new leaves in a very bravura way. I am so glad I saved it from the compost chopper. And I have discovered a new blog and this blog has wonderful links to new and interesting places. And I have discovered Elspeth Tompson too late. She took her life last week. Urban Gardening and Off The Rails. Links from Attic24 if you want to visit.


mathea said...

How lovely to see Spring again! Never mind the rain, I suppose it's good for all growing things. It feels so good that the temperature is finally above the freezing point, doesn't it? We've had an exeptionally long and cold winter, and I've never felt more relief to see those first green crocus leaves emerging than this year.
As a reminder of this long winter I have made something. A surprise for you ;-). Please visit my blog, and you'll see:

dee said...

It finally stopped raining here so some sunshine should be coming your way soon.
What a sad thing about Elspeth Tompson. I spent many glorious mornings hours looking at her blog and she created so much beauty. Very sad.

Attic 24 is a delight to visit.

I'm enjoying seeing where the squirrels and chipmunks have moved the bulbs to this year. They pop up in interesting places here and there. Good thing it amuses me otherwise I'd be sort of pissed. Watching the wildlife gives me a lot of pleasure though.