Sunday, March 28, 2010


Three days of Open House, doughnuts, potato chips and customers. I'm wiped out. My hands are dry and chapped from being dirty and then being washed so many times. My feet are tired. And tomorrow I get to do it all again. I hope there's supper tomorrow. The highpoint for me was my class on Saturday morning at 9 am. 45 people. Standing room only at the end. None of the other classes topped 10. And the company owners were there. Good Times.

Right before we closed this afternoon, K had to catch the 20 goldfish she purchased for the pond in the open house exhibit. And bag them. Even better times. Lots of laughing. Like herding cats only smaller and faster. I had to hold the bags of water while K poured the cups of fish into the bags. I am completely afraid of fish. If one of the fish had touched me I would have thrown the bag and screamed. Now, that would have been an open house memory they could talk about for years.

I have wash in the washer and darks in the dryer and I am going to have a cup of homemade coffee and perhaps a sandwich. Then I am going to go sit somewhere and be still and quiet. Until I fall asleep.

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Diane N said...

Congratulations on your standing room only class. Your tired sounds like a very good, happy kind of tired. Rest well.