Friday, March 05, 2010

What A Fine Mess This Is

Not the collage. A small warm up exercise I used to do before starting to work on fabric projects. Loosened my creative muscles. A "no worries" piece that no one would be seeing. I usually had a stack of fusible batting pieces ready to go and the ever present stuff in the scraps basket. I would set the kitchen timer for fifteen or twenty minutes (depending on how long I had been away from the studio) and begin piling things up and removing them. Then I would stitch. Amazing what you can make in that short time.

No. The "Fine Mess" is what I am now faced with after "The Interview". A choice. Readers, you know I don't do well with choices. I do better with "take it or leave it" or which of these things do you dislike most. But here we have a true dilemma. ( and I had to look up the spelling of dilemma) I can drive further, work longer, be in the company of healthier and more varied plant material and be paid more. Or I can stay where I am and regularly bitch and moan about where I am. The commute is faster. Fewer hours. Less dog issues. In any case, the dog will have day care. I tend to worry about Riley's day more than mine.

I don't like to drive. I've always limited myself to working within the parameters of the shortest driving distance. So I have had to "settle" for jobs where I have had to make the best of whatever situation I find myself in. So, driving. But, not winter driving. I won't be working in the winter.

And, if I choose this new opportunity, I have a second choice. Working inside (sales, inventory, displays) or outside with plant tables set up on asphalt in the sun. (the tables where I work now are on gravel, plus the new is inland and we get the afternoon sea breezes where I work now). My husband, who notices these things, says it will be very hot outside on asphalt. Once I choose "outside" then I am outside. And once I choose "sales" I am "sales". At the new place.

The interviewer gave lots of details of the inside job and I was left with a strong impression that that was where she wanted me to be. I mentioned enjoying the outdoors. Which is what I love about the job I have, along with my coworkers. Freedom to walk outside. Be alone with the plants. Putter.

Yesterday, we got to the Freeport Cafe too late. They closed before we could eat. I was so disappointed. I had skipped breakfast in order to have my blueberry pancakes and eggs. We ate somewhere else and it was okay, but not good. I remained "pissy" into the evening. Then I read my book, watched Survivor, and read my book again until midnight. Very good book.

I've had breakfast. Posted to my blog. Will be taking a shower and getting dressed for work. Two work days this week. G dropped Riley off at day care early this morning. I'll pick him up. I have my Seed class notes to copy and the handout to copy and staple.

Oh, I went into my eyeglasses shop to have my frames adjusted (again) yesterday and since I have a new prescription from August, still in my wallet, I looked for new frames. Again. Turned out all the ones I wanted were too shallow for trifocals. We did find one that would work. One. And they were nice, modern. Expensive. So I picked that frame. Took all of five minutes. See. Take it or leave it. Then I can choose.


N said...

I vote leave it! We'd miss your point(ed) points of view and your audacity, dry sense of humor, and general company at "status quo." As a fellow artist, I'd just miss the vibes. BUT that is just me. My views are always biased...

dee said...

Really like the crisp colors of that collage.
Hmmm.. asphalt in the sun aspect and missing the sea breezes and working indoors(sales & inventory)doesn't sound like something you would like.
More hours...again, Hmm. You are just getting back to your artwork and making time for it and you seem happy about it. What would the new job mean for that?
At this point in life does more work time sound like a good thing?
Maybe it's just my take but I've been following your blog for a long time and lately you seem so much happier with the way things are. Even with occasional bitching about work, you seem to like working with the plants and giving classes. Just my 2 cents and worth every penny.

kathy said...

I like choices that are black and white..this change doesn't sound like that....and I love the little blue and black collage..color choice have anything to do with Deborahs challenge?

Annie said...

Ooooh, love today's collage! And, my vote on the job situation is, wait for it.....................................STAY where you are.

: )