Monday, March 08, 2010

Another Beautiful Day

Yesterday was wonderful. Spring. And today, while cloudy and not so warm, is also Spring. So I'll take it and be satisfied. I was up late last night reading my "Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" to the very end. The author mentioned Camilla (Salander's twin) several times near the end, so that was where the fourth book would have taken us. If the author had lived to write the fourth book. We, the readers, can only imagine where this gifted writer would have taken these, so very interesting, characters. And, not a misstep in any of the books. Beautifully plotted and written. Good thing I have a Wallander to comfort myself with now!

My Seed presentations, with notes this time, lasted 90 minutes each and seemed, to me, more like 30. I tried to tell them everything, so they could be successful seed starters. Everything. But still only the basics. We never got to perennial seed starting. And they had soil and garden questions which I told them I would cover on the class on Vegetable Gardening on March 27.

I got a new date stamp at Staples yesterday and three erasers to carve into stamps. G had a coupon for $6 off a purchase and those are the things I wanted. I was looking at a new set of colored Sharpies. But I still have Sharpies to use up. So I'll wait to buy a new set. My new stamp is very nice and I have been stamping the date on each page of my food diary and in my pen and paper journal. I consider this my electronic journal.

Riley had a visitor out in the yard this morning. A stray dog. This is the one downside to the electric fence system. Your dog stays in but anything else is free to enter. Dogs, skunks, raccoons, porcupines, deer and cats. I called the dog police and the officer came right over. But the dog was gone. Seemed like a nice, friendly dog. He and Riley had a great deal of fun running around the yard while he was here. Riley is resting (in the house) and waiting for the visitor to return. Dogs are so positive and hopeful.

I dreamed last night. I may always dream, but I have no waking memory of them. This morning I did. I was packing and repacking stuff on a small luggage cart. Bungie cords. Trying to keep all my "stuff" together and secure. Paper bags, boxes, handbag, very small suitcase. A tiny, tasteful, version of the vagrant shopping carts homeless people push around town. Or used to before our supermarket installed locking wheel carts. I have no idea what this means, exactly, but I'm sure it has something to do with my employment thoughts this weekend.

Riley is ready for lunch and a nice walk. I have taken the new Fig outside for another day in the sun. I may try and carry the deck chairs down from the attic storage area so it's more comfy to sit and get my 2010 suntan. After the walk. I may even start some seeds.

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