Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good, Bad & Ugly

The weather is really (good) today. Sunshine. Riley and I had our morning coffee on the deck, soaking up the lower wattage sun rays (good). Now I am doing laundry, weighing myself after 7 weeks of dieting (the ugly), and attacking the mess on the dining room table (not as ugly). I also, finally found a children's book with non coated pages (good). For my experimental page spreads. I have seen all these paint and collage techniques but had nowhere to try them out.
Now I do and the first page spread is/was underwhelming (bad). I also used up the last of the light soy milk (good). Back to oatmeal.

Now that I have weighed myself (something I try NOT to do) I am not happy. I was feeling rather good about my 7 weeks of dieting and now it all seems like a waste of time. Not a waste of effort because I put little, if any, effort into the dieting. So. It's my own fault. Which is why I am not happy. There are cookies I didn't eat. Bread I didn't eat. Chips I didn't eat. Candy I didn't eat. Brownies I didn't eat. The weight could have been MUCH worse. Today is another day. And, really, this is just a "one day at a time" thing anyway.

Dinner last night (in a restaurant) with our daughter and the guy went much better. We LIKE him. He loosened up, smiled and talked. And he obviously adores our daughter. And she can't stop smiling at him. So, from our side of the table, it was a very good time. We paid and the guy was not happy about that. It's what our daughter wanted and G and I don't mind. I told G to let her worry about the consequences. We were happy to share a meal with her. Been awhile since she has had time for us. Over the years we have paid for countless meals for our children, our children and their friends and for our friends. G enjoys eating out more than having dinner at home. Eating out as much as G likes, is why I weigh as much as I do.

G might be happier with me eating "as usual". Meatball Subs with Fries. Greek Salad with Cheese Wedge. Nachos El Grande with a Margarita. Bacon Cheeseburger and Fries. Chinese. Food from the Wing Bar. I know I would be happier. While eating but not after.

The permanent press cycle is finished and now Riley and I will go out for his walk. Then I need to iron. G ordered new short sleeved work shirts. I think they were designed by the Sopranos for the McDonald's Mafia collection. Some seriously ugly shirts. It will hurt my eyes to iron them.

I may have popcorn and a diet Coke for dinner tonight. Feeling the need for salt.

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