Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cold Rain & Hot Coffee

Riley & I are SO NOT walking today. The rain, we so badly needed, is coming down steadily and I am eating lovely dark Pumpernickel bread and drinking wonderfully, hot, coffee while Riley chews on bones and toys. I did enough grocery shopping yesterday to get us through today's dinner. I think I will make a soup of some sort for myself today. From my soup book.

The photo above is my huge red wooden bowl with the medium sized wrapped paper bowl inside. The lighting is one of those low energy bulbs. And the color is enhanced by iPhoto. I think they just increase the saturation of the available colors. I wish everything looked this yummy in real life.

I downloaded pictures from my altered book, but they aren't nice enough yet for you to see. Now that they are in the files, I can do a before and after shoot. Someday.

Dancing With The Stars. Pamela Anderson. She won't get voted off too early will she? My Lord could she have gotten any hotter? I'm surprised she didn't catch on fire. The only thing that could be MORE exciting (for me) is Tommy Lee in the audience.

That mother of 8 can go home next week. Three weeks practice and that's what she learned to do? Perhaps she should have spent less time in hair and makeup for the People spreads. And Buzz? No. No. No. My husband LOVES the show, so we will be watching it. Even with interruptions by Riley to go out on business. Jeff, the host of Survivor, was in the audience.

Today is Ironing Day. And Soup Making Day. And Sitting and Reading a Book Day. And if there is any time left over, Working on the Vegetable Gardening Class Day. I was thinking about putting Figagro outside in the rain (good nutrients in the rain water) but it's coming down too hard. Oh, today is also Go Upstairs and Water Plants Day. Turning out to be a busy day. Need to create a list. Panfried pork steaks, potato and applesauce for dinner in case you were wondering.

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