Friday, March 19, 2010

Riley's New Rubber Ball

Riley has a new toy. A yellow ball that sheds treats when rolled randomly. He's eating the treat that just fell out. Not the best dog picture, but an accurate moment in this dog's life. I was hoping for the ball in the mouth shot but he's too fast. Or my camera is too slow.

Riley went to doggie daycare today and I went to work. No cash register for me, today. I got to drag hose and water my socks and underwear. Yep. I watered the entire greenhouse and the perennials in the annual house. The fuchias and geranium baskets are way over my head, so the laws of gravity take over and the water dripping from the hose follows the path of least resistance, right down my arm, into my clothes. But it was sunny and warm in the big house. And, my workday went by--- Whoosh! And I was mostly dry by the time I drove home.

Felt good to be back in the big house. Even felt good to be in the annual house (colder) with my perennials (bone dry) and a hose spraying water on my shoes. And, with all the sun coming through the greenhouse windows, I'm sure my tan is a bit darker. I'm all about the tan. Because it makes the gray hair on my head look "perkier". And I look a few months younger.

G & I are going to dinner with our daughter and her guy. Feels pretty good to write that part about "her guy". She's happy. Not alone all the time. Taking a chance. We're going to the local rib place. Nice and spicy. Yum. Beer and drinks. G is running late. Had a bus stop at his tiny McDonalds for refreshments.

I have Saturday off. Going to be 72 degrees tomorrow. El Nino Rocks!!!

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