Thursday, March 04, 2010

"We are the clever inventors of ourselves"

This fabric collage dates from a period in my life when I had an actual quilt artist as a regular lunch date. We would take turns selecting a technique from any of the Quilting Arts issues we both owned and then working to make a sample of that technique to "show and tell" at the next lunch. Our styles were wildly different. I know that we both looked forward to these show and tell lunches, which sometimes lasted into the afternoon. This was a painted surface with applique and tulle or netting and then the stems at the very end. I don't like that bit in the lower right corner. Where I drew petals on a flower that didn't need any petals.

I received a comment on one of my posts from M and she linked to an artist named Edmund Cluett who teaches a layered collage technique. Neither of us could find Edmund's website but I did find examples of work done in his class here and was given permission to link to the work. All the way from Norway, in the middle of her night. What a thrill. And I would also direct anyone interested in what got this discussion started to this and then this and the center image in the bottom row. Click and then click again. Later, you can scroll through the posts to find Stacked Cups and read more about Terri's process.

Three links in one post. I feel dizzy.

A rescued dwarf navel orange. This sad little bush citrus tree was purchased as a Valentine Gift by one of many citrus customers on February 13th. It was returned after all the leaves and blossoms, but this little bouquet of leaves and blossom, dropped off. Suddenly and completely.
My husband, the botanist, thinks it was due to temperature and or light fluctuations. Must have been a massive fluctuation. We sent these vibrant little citrus plants home (fully loaded with leaves and blossoms) with careful instructions and wrapped in protective plastic. I now have this little trooper nestled up against the radiator with the leaves in the sun. A neat trick.
Been a week and the leaves are still holding on. Go, orange!

Yesterday flew by! Whoosh!! I remember blogging, getting dressed, walking the dog, taking a shower, taking the dog with me to bank, library and grocery and returning home to fix dinner and then G was home and we were eating dinner. And the day was done in what seemed like minutes rather than hours.

I did find time in there to toss bleach on some fabric. Not pleased with the results. Brown always bleaches to peachy pink. Ick. Black usually bleaches to red. I like it when black bleaches to creamy white. So, now I have red and pink splotches on brown and black. Not what I wanted.

Today is my "interview" with another greenhouse/retail store. Do I want to "change horses"? Is it better to stay with the devil you know or take a chance on a better or possibly worse situation? You all know I don't like change. Still haven't committed to a new fridge. Still not liking the orange Fit. I could have linked to images of these two items but........ why?

G is home today and will be walking Riley. Right now he is emptying the dishwasher. Riley has his chin on the low window sill next to his dog bed, staring out over his domain and groaning "hurry up" let's go. He's already played with his new stuffed toy (his Valentine) and chewed on the squeaky ball.

I'm going to warm up the coffee in my cup and read blogs and make comments. We are eating out later. A good day.

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