Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16th

Walked Riley without wearing a coat or jacket. Sat in the sun in a short sleeved tee and got a bit of sunburn. In March. Strong, hot sunshine. Clear, Blue skies. Maine. The Way Life Should Be.

If the roadster had road insurance, I would drive it, top down, in excess of the posted speed limits.

I am quite happy today. Watered my plants in the attic (finally) and the Fig and the leaf challenged Orange are outside in the sun, on the back deck.

Boiled dinner is simmering. But. I would prefer a nice grilled cheeseburger and a cold beer on such a lovely El Nino or Global Warming Tuesday in March, 2010.

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dee said...

The McDonalds are having burgers and if the temps reach the mid 60s that is predicted, I'll be doing them on the grill.
Roger can't have cabbage anymore and the least expensive piece of corned beef at the store yesterday was $17. Roger said he's rather have burgers and tomorrow the corned beef will be on sale for half price(ridiculous no??)
Sunshine and grilled meat...Oh happy day!