Thursday, March 25, 2010


I spent my first "back to work" paycheck on books. My copy of Love Soup was borrowed from the library and they don't let me keep it forever. So I had to buy my own copy, along with her first book. And, because Anna mentions bread in the soup book, and that bread is Artisan Bread from this book, I decided I wanted to be eating wonderful bread with my soup. The Jamie Oliver is just because I have most of his books and this one seemed simpler, easier, more ordinary. Except for the fish pie. Not making that. Jamie does have some good curries.

I also bought dry chilies. There are recipes in three of the four books which call for dry chilies. And I really want to try some legitimate Mexican recipes.

My Fit now has new oil. And I don't have to go back until I have 10,000 miles. Which should be next March or April. And they washed my car. 45 minutes for the entire service. And they remembered my daughter and mentioned that she was really nice. I tried to be really nice, which is not my usual position. G always says I am extremely difficult.

We had a very good lunch. G and I discovered we aren't all that interested in shopping anymore. We must have everything. All I could find at the Art Supply was Yes! paste, a new journal and a pad of Stonehenge paper to try. Used up the remainder of my "free" 100 dollar AmEx card and the remainder of G's Walmart gift card buying potatoes.

G and Riley have gone out for a walk in the woods and I am trying not to eat anymore Big Sky Granola. That stuff is ridiculously good. Not that excited about working tomorrow. Three days off in a row makes Joanie a slacker, workwise.

Have to work on the Vegetable Gardening class for Saturday. Found info on crop rotation. Tomato blight. And solarizing garden soil (heating it to 120 degrees) to kill diseases and release nutrients. I like to have "too much" information.


Diane N said...

I love your cookbook selection. I especially love the artisanal bread cookbook. Unfortunately I don't have any book stores anywhere near me so I rely on Amazon most of the time.

My two new cookbooks came today, too. Both are from Lidia Bastianich, one being her latest where she has recipes from each region of Italy.

Happy cooking to us both!

Marianne Mohib said...

Totally agree with your comment on shopping. Larbi and I had the same feeling. Window shopping did it for us. Then we decided to remodel our guest room - oh why, oh why, oh why? Have been shopping ever since......... of March 1st I only work three days a week - you are right, after my long weekends from Friday thru Tuesday I also feel it's horrible to go back to work!