Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

Yesterday I went to Art Club and we used dye inks to texturize glossy card stock. On the right, I made blobs of rubber cement, let it dry and then dropped liquid dye ink on a piece of acetate and then onto the card stock. Let it dry and then rubbed off the rubber cement. When I got home I added stamp "o"'s from my hand cut stamps in black and blue. The one on the left had magenta dye ink applied on the surface with a brayer and then added drops of yellow ink, some teal paint on bubble wrap and finally a stamp I had made last year in black. Trust me, these look better here than they do in person.

I also went to the library looking for "backlist" books by thriller authors. Not feeling the library love. But today there was an email saying four books had arrived from other libraries so we have reading material for the next three weeks. I have Nevada Barr's 13.5. So I stopped in and picked them up.

I was out doing something totally fantastic this morning. Having coffee (and breakfast) with a fellow greenhouse employee. We sat and talked for nearly three hours. Great stuff! And I had a really good bacon egg and cheese bagel. Big Top Deli. And they make them all day. I'm thinking that next time I'll get an egg on each bagel half. And cheese and bacon. Maybe tomorrow.

I picked up my new glasses yesterday and I went and had a little tune up today. My head is shaped oddly and one ear is higher than the other so my eyeglasses are always tipping to one side or the other. Last night while watching television I was tilting my head to the right so we adjusted that a bit. But my vision is super sharp. And two people noticed the new frames. Which never happened before. DNKY.

Riley was very good and waited for me to get back home, he had a late lunch and we set off on his walk. Spice's owner was out doing yard work and asked if Riley would like to "play". Riley said yes and he and Spice ran around like crazy dogs, jumped on each other and ended up rolling on the lawn play biting each other. Happy and tired. And thirsty. Riley drank water out of a nearby puddle as we completed the walk. He's resting up, now, waiting for G to get home.

Wasn't that a great day? Wow. The only sad part of the day was that I got egg on the front of my sweatshirt while eating breakfast. Wednesday is my favorite day of the week.


Marianne Mohib said...

No wonder you love Wednesdays, you Wednesday's Child you!


kathy said...

catching up on your blogging...seems like just yesterday I checked and now there are 4 new posts. Don't ever stop, there's always good stuff here.

dee said...

so great to hear your "voice" so happy today. The weather has to be helping too! I know it is for me.