Friday, March 12, 2010

In Progress

This is what I am working on right now. The photo or my new glasses or the light situation is making this look slightly (or more) blurred. I had to really work on the iPhoto editing to get the color corrected. I bleach discharged some black fabric for the bottom section and every thing else is pulled from the wastebasket. I guess it's really a huge scrap basket. Nothing is stitched. I'm still working on composition and color. Not so much on subject as yet. I don't like the line I'm seeing on the left side of the discharged fabric so I will have to shift or cover that area. This may or may not be the next 12 by 12 piece. Volcanic.

I got all the laundry and ironing done yesterday. Still not reading as the new glasses are not quite situated correctly on my face and head yet. Still rubbing my left eye which means the focus is off. My eyes are crossing the trifocal lines in different places. I can manage it by tilting my head but that's not a great solution.

Going to work today. Cloudy and there's the possibility of some overflow rain from the big storm in New York. I wouldn't mind a bit of rain. Fill up the vernal pool next to the house and get some ducks swimming there. Good times for the dog. Quack.

In home gardening news: G worked on raking the front yard. I dosed the invalid dwarf orange tree with fertilizer even though giving fertilizer to a plant with hardly any leaves seems heartless. Each day I clip the branches as they dry and die from the tips. The main stem and a few of the auxillary ones are still green and alive but only one stem has leaves. This was always an experiment so I'm not fully invested emotionally. It's not like I'm the one who caused it to loose all it's leaves. And the alternative, for this particular orange tree, was the dumpster at work. Palliative care. And then burial in the compost bin. I haven't started my seeds yet. I need to buy some soil mix. All of mine is outside, frozen.

L is already sifting and spreading her compost. She has had hers covered in black plastic to warm it up so she could get started early. Mine should be covered in black plastic. I could do that tomorrow. Riley and I are going to spend Saturday together. Outside. In the rain?

G has eaten all the leftovers in the fridge. There is nothing else in there to reheat. So now I am faced with cooking something when I come home from work tonight. I have no idea what. Really. No friggin idea what to cook. And it's been awhile since I shopped so there isn't much to choose from in ingredients. I found ground beef in the freezer and cheese in the fridge and chips in the cupboard. Mexican Casserole. Whew! That was intense. Sour cream is free of fuzzy blue spots. Good to go.

Got to get dressed and leave for work. Take care. Stay dry. I think it's going to rain everywhere today (but not here, as the sun just arrived).

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mathea said...

I can totally see a vulcano in that brown fabric. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it :-)