Friday, April 02, 2010

Spring in Maine

We, Mainers, don't often have a season called "Spring". We usually make due with a stinky mud season, cold, wet and messy, that has nothing to do with the glorious Spring that visits other states. Yesterday, after work, G and I sat on the back stoop (right here) and enjoyed the mild weather and sunshine until 5 pm. We could have stayed out longer, if I had thought to make us a nice cocktail, and watched the dog roll around the lawn.

Yesterday I had two doors on the Big House (larger greenhouse) propped open and the roof vents were opening and closing as it warmed up and cooled down inside. I watered and got wet but since the temperatures were warmer, I didn't get cold. Or as cold. Today is going to be warmer. Saturday will be near 80. I have layers on. A light long sleeve tee with my short sleeve work tee. I have a fleece pullover in the car and should have a lighter pair of pants stashed there also in the coming weeks. Eventually, I will be carrying a full change of clothes in the car everyday. Shorts, long pants, shirts and shoes. Lots of socks. Though, now that I am wearing wool socks, I don't notice the socks being wet until I take them off. And they are usually really wet.

I was pretty impressed with myself yesterday. I was walking past the front counter and noticed customers waiting and just went over and started cashing them out and it was all good. I felt capable. I still am incapable of doing an account or paying with a Spring Bond but that just takes practice and I haven't had any. One of the guys will show me how to do it: the simple way. Some of the girls do things in a very complicated manner. I also got to load three 40 pound (wet) bags of cow manure and a 3.8 cubic foot bale of Peat into a car trunk. No loader boys working. No tip. I think the boys get tips for lifting and carrying. Wouldn't you tip a 63 year old woman who lifted all that over the end of your car trunk?

I have Saturday off. And I have a boat load of things to get done in the next few weeks. Things I have procrastinated about. I did make a list last week and got almost everything marked off. It may be time to make a list every few days and keep moving on these things. Taxes. I had promised to get them done by the end of February. Where did that plan go?????

Right now I am trying to think of all sorts of reasons not to go through with the online class I signed up for. It all seems too complicated with emails of sign ins, passwords, new passwords, introductions, passwords, new sites, more passwords and everyday there are more emails about where to go and what to send and what to do next. I really feel overwhelmed. I like things to be simple. You go to one site, read the instructions and do the work. Period. I didn't sign up for a class in internet social networking which involves the computer manual and the camera manual and the probability of figuring out (after 10 years) how to use the scanner (which we have never used and never needed to use).

I met a couple yesterday (in their 80's) who have never owned a television or computer. They seemed genuinely pleased about it. In some ways, I even envied them. I do LOVE my television. Not quite as fond of the computer. I use it as little as possible. I have no idea how to install programs or download or any of those things and have no burning desire to learn. See why this internet class was a bad idea?

I enjoy SIMPLE. White paper. Pencils. Pens. Little blobs of paint on a white plate. A handful of paint brushes. Simple stamps carved on erasers. And I enjoy painting white fabric with cheap craft paint. This should really be enough. It always helps to talk these things over with you, dear Readers.

Now what should we have for dinner tonight?


dee said...

We're having ribs on the grill-first of the season. Greek salad on the side.
Dinner's at 7-hurry up! I'll grill you some eggplant and portabellas

Sounds like you had a good day, except for the lifting. People will always be thoughtless and act entitled. I'm resigned to it lately.

Hope your weekend is a good one.

Diane N said...

Would I tip a 63 year old woman for carrying and lifting all that stuff??? I wouldn't even ask a 63 year old woman to life and carry all that to my vehicle. It just seems wrong. At best I would do it myself. At worst, I would say, you get that end and I'll get this end and then on 3, we can give it the old heave ho.

As for supper, here it was risotto with prosciutto di Parma and a mixture of four or five different cheeses (bits and pieces left over from other things). (I can't remember if you like rice but I do remember that if we have another Great Depression, cheese wasn't on the list of essentials you mentioned. Now I have to reread that day's blog.)

Have a wonderful Easter!