Friday, April 09, 2010

I'm So Tired

Today we have the first piece of work for my "test pilot" class. I used some of the letters in my new collection of text and cut letters to make a "doodle" and learned that I have trouble with orienting text. I want it to be in reading position. And this is "art" not reading. So I have to work on turning that section of my brain, off. And jumbling up the letters. I really want to do that NOW but am trying to eat breakfast, post on the blog and make my lunch. No time.

I have been working everyday since Sunday with Tuesday spent doing taxes which was NOT restful. Yesterday G drove around and deposited our IRA contributions. He also purchased some plywood to refurbish our garden cart which is rotting due to being left out over the winter with no cover. Wood rots.

Yesterday, while working on my text doodle, I forgot I let the dog outside and later, much, when I settled into the couch for Survivor, I asked "where's Riley". It was dark by then and the little guy had been out there almost 2 hours. He was waiting right by the door.

I'm wearing pants I wore last summer and fall today. Loose enough so the crotch isn't riding up into a nasty wedgie. Not that I have been doing much of anything on the diet. We still have potato chips at work. Salty. Crunchy. So I had a few handfuls after eating my salad. Which had raw spinach in it and now I am having bowel issues. I don't think I like raw spinach. I don't think my bowels know how to deal with raw spinach.

I've been missing you. Blogging every morning was such a wonderful part of each day. Now I'm racing around trying to get myself off to work instead. My first "work" at work each morning is cleaning up the cat crap deposited in front of my potting bench. Every morning. And the smell of pee is a gentle whiff. Rather be here with you!


dee said...

I see what you mean about the orientation. That would be a problem for me as well. I just naturally want to position things like the eye sees them. Be interesting to see what you come up with.
Survivor sent home the Dragonslayer. Such a jackass but I'll actually miss the humorous quality that he brought. Just watching him be a total nutball was kind of funny. Russell has finally landed on my last nerve and what's with these loser people without any thought process unless he's directing. What a pathetic bunch- they deserve to lose. Gerri looks despondent and now they have no one left capable of winning any games.
Hope the cat doesn't leave you any more icky presents. Nothing like a cat turd to start the day.

mathea said...

Interesting doodle! I've been playing a bit with letters all jumbled on top of each other in my sketches lately. Maybe it's about letting out your inner child or something? Little children tend to write their names with the letters all over the place before they get the "right way" of doing it. As long as all the letters are there, they're happy :-)
PS. If you'll just send me your snail mail address, the dog kite picture is yours!

gema said...

You need to start selling your art work. Why hoard them when you can make $250 a piece??? Your work is so much more appealing to my senses than most others.

Last week I gave myself a little present of an Artpen from rotring so that I can start doodling away. Won't be as good as yours by any means but I have to start somehow and somewhere.

Still reading your writings and enjoying your pictures and work....start selling them! Plead plead....