Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Mysterious or Reclusive

I am choosing solitude more often on my few days off. Not trying to be mysterious or reclusive, but trying to reorient myself to my inner thoughts. I would have been a wonderful librarian. Teaching would have worn me out. Frayed my nerves over time. Working alone, on a puzzle of some kind is therapeutic. Today: taxes on my Turbo Tax program. An easy puzzle, I hope.

A more difficult puzzle is the "test pilot" internet class. I finally am registered. I think. I posted an introduction onto the link. And then edited that post. I may edit it again and add pictures. Or send a new one. I haven't done the week's assignment. I'm not sure what the assignment is. I collect scraps of text from magazines all the time. And I guess I can make a paper collage of them. But I can't see where the "teaching" is occurring as we just have a list of assignments and people are moving through them at their chosen speeds. There are always people who want to "finish first". I'm happy right now to have successfully sent an email. We are supposed to have an ongoing writing assignment?

The picture at the top of this post is the doodle I made using the Lego block. Deborah suggests I find a Duplo block with solid circles. My block has circles with no centers. On my walk with Riley on Saturday (70 degrees) I found a Nerf rocket. Tiny. Blue with red fins. I think it might make a nice circular stamp impression. Or just be a nice addition to my bowl of "interesting objects".

It's 9.30 and the sun is just breaking through the clouds. I can see and feel the warm yellow light moving through the house. Unfolding as I enjoy my first sips of coffee. The white wash is finished and the dark wash waiting it's turn in the washer. I have a choice of chocolate bread or cereal for breakfast. And I have locally grown (greenhouse in Madison) tomatoes which I am finding irresistible. Dense, chewy, juicy and filling. I think I may have to buy a box every time I visit the grocery. Backyard Farms. A brown box with a labor intensive cut out of a picket fence framing the branch of large cherry tomatoes. Bright red. So attractive.

The leaves on my Fig tree are browning and going crisp. G thinks it is too wet, too dry or potbound. Yes. It can be all those things.

Yesterday at work, I potted a lovely orchid for a new business owner--she gave me her new business card. Picked water spotted and ruined flowers and leaves off the African violets displayed under dripping fuchsia hanging baskets. Watered. Potted up a lovely birthday gift of the most gorgeous red ivy geraniums (new this year), Iberis, vinca and pansies. I like to mix perennials into a annual planting. Call me crazy but I add them to window boxes also. The perennials are moving outside into the perennial yard but I am not involved. Again. I just watch. Such an odd way of doing things. The tree and shrub employees are doing the moving and arranging. Perhaps to keep them occupied until the trucks deliver the trees and shrubs.

I am scheduled to work five days. Six, seven or nine hours depending on which day it is.

Yesterday G got home three hours late. The shake machine was broken. And then no one who was working knew how to put it back together. G didn't know either but he knew where the instruction manual was, so he set to work figuring it out. He finally got the machine going and sampled a shake on the drive home. Then we drove out to get gas in my car. A nice little drive with me, G and the dog. I got 9 gallons of gas. Getting 32 mpg. No highway miles. G had leftover sausage and potatoes and I had popcorn for supper. Then we watched Dancing With Stars. SEND BUZZ HOME!!!! SEND KATE HOME!!!! PLEASE.

Sun is gone. Riley is back inside the house. I need to eat breakfast. Keep checking items off my To Do list. Keep moving forward.


Annie said...

I'm with you on those two dancers on DWTS! My god, they are terrible, but I have a feeling it isn't going to happen quite yet.

: )

Quilterin said...

I am (sort of) struggling with that class too. I don't read magazines so I bring home from the office what I can get. I spent an evening cutting out letters and words and now? All my creative thinking is in English - all my words are German,..... Well, maybe next week will clear the fog. Last and next weekend is too much family oriented.

dee said...

I find it hard to imagine how they couldn't get rid of Kate. She's beyond awful. Lumbering and stiff. Nothing elegant there but I guess we already knew that. I think they're leaving her there for effect.It's gotten them a lot of publicity in the last few weeks.

Hope you have a good day Joanne. My days are quiet too. Sometimes it's good and sometimes not so much. I've got a little agoraphobia going on.
I like the doodle-cool colors.

Diane N said...

I love the picture at the beginning of your blog. It reminds me of fractured ice. It certainly is dramatic and I am really drawn to it.

There's nothing wrong with solitude. Nothing mysterious nor reclusive necessarily. It is very restorative to take the quiet time to replenish the soul. I kind of feel that too many people and/or too much noise can suck the life right out of a person.

I was really, really hoping Kate would go last night. Buzz was a dreadful dancer but at least he wasn't a big pain in the a-- drama queen. A three-legged dog would dance better than Kate. (No, I did not intend to insult three-legged dogs across the world.)

Diane N said...

This comment has nothing to do with today's blog. Just wanted to let you know that I ordered three of the four cookbooks you shared with us a few blogs ago. The Jamie Oliver one was the one I didn't get.

Anyway, they came today and I am thrilled with them. Can't wait to try out some of the recipes.

Thank you so much for sharing your finds with us.

Take care.