Friday, April 23, 2010

What I See When I Get Home

Everyone sleeping. At 6.30. Tonight, they were awake and had purchased sushi for dinner. I indulged in a hot shower first, then spilled soy sauce on my placemat, ate my sushi and now we are having coffee and brownies. My piece will be quite tiny.

We had so many people working today that I couldn't find a parking spot in the employee lot. I had to park up front--where they weren't many cars, sad to say. The day flew by. Which is a very good thing, as it began, not so great. The tip of my right thumb is blue. From a cactus needle yesterday at work. All day I worried about it. No pain. No numbness. Cold. And eventually, not so blue. But still, it worries me.

I'm going to have coffee now. Before I know it, it will be 6am and time to get up and ready for work. Saturday. Classes and lots to do.

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Annie said...

Oooh, I like the quilt in the snooze room, but what's up with the Christmas wreath? or maybe that isn't a Christmas wreath.Looks like a comfy place.

I hope the thumb is better today.

: )