Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Progress

My work for the internet class is stalled. I'm not interested in the focus of Lesson Three. I am still interested in having text in my work. I saw an advertisement for wallpaper in the new House Beautiful magazine plus some additional text pieces. I decided to try and rework the wallpaper design into a doodle. I am using my Dove Grey brush pen and a golden yellow colored pencil, Prang, I think. When I added the yellow the whole thing lit up. Like Christmas. Last night I dreamed of another technique to use to add texture to this doodle. The piece resembles the original too closely to ever be thought of as anything but an experiment. But I will make an original one now that I can see it works.

Today, with the clouds and cold wet weather, I have a walk with Riley on the schedule, finishing my Wallander book, working on the Twelve by Twelve May 1 reveal (fabric collage), writing checks and filling out the checkbook and peeling the beets I roasted yesterday (taking advantage of the hot oven after baking pizza). I will also be making dinner. Baking potatoes. Sauteing spinach. I have only one shirt to iron. I think K is calling tonight to watch the Project Runway finale. DWTS. Could be a problem.

I wake up each morning with my back hurting. It must be time for a new mattress even though I think we have owned this one for only 15 years and turned and flipped it regularly. It's the kind of pain that makes me slightly nauseous. I think that is an odd symptom, but my son once told me a friend of his experienced something similar and it had to do with the kidney and wasn't about the back at all. Which is why the nausea is a good clue. I know I don't drink enough water. I don't even drink enough of anything, really. I never have. But, I do pee. Gee.
I'm getting old. So invested in my bodily functions, and under the impression you are too.

It's 9.30 and I have read all the blogs that are in my sidebar. Had one cup of coffee. Thinking about breakfast (nausea is passing, back feels better). Making more coffee. Peeling those beets. Pulling pork steaks out of the freezer. Reading my book. Things I can do without having to decide whether to change out of my jammies. Things I can do right here in the kitchen while the dog naps in the living room. Watching me.


Terry said...

I love your text piece and look forward to your next. Reminds me of posters I used to make in college, back before computers made such nice, but pretty sterile, text.

Do you know what the purple flowers on my blog post today are? Someone asked.

Diane N said...

Please get yourself checked out ASAP. I am not trying to be an alarmist but depending on the location of the back pain, your symptoms could be a wide rnge of possible problems. Kidney or UTIs, Ovarian cysts, etc...

I know so many people who have had back pain and nausea symptoms and some had minor problems that were easily remedied but a couple unfortunately did not.

Please, please get it checked out. On behalf of all your blogger fans I urge you strongly to see your doctor and find out for sure.