Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saturday Night

Figagrow in better health. My Fig developed rust. And dropped it's leaves after they got crispy and brown edged. N says it might have been the going out and then coming back into the house. So I took it back to the greenhouse and it seems happier. Some things aren't meant to be.

Today. Two classes. I did Roses by myself and N helped with the Bark & Berries. Sold a lot of Roses out of my class, which is why we have them. And it snow/rained today. Snow overnight and then rain all day. Muddy. Cold. And today is the day my boss chose to blow out and repair leaks in the irrigation system. Nothing to do with me. I was on my own with three returning and new employees in the greenhouse watering and working, doing secret "projects".

I was up at 6 am yesterday working on paste ups of the handout for both classes. I like the participants to go home with "good information" and in order to do that, I have to go onto the internet and find and print and cut and paste and copy and collate and staple. I tally all the hours for my Master Gardener volunteer hours. My employer wants me being paid as an employee for the actual class time so I can't use the class time for MG credit. It all works out. In case you wonder, "paste up" is the old fashioned way to do page set up. Paper, scissors and a glue stick. We did it that way when I worked in advertising for a local newspaper in the late 1980's. Pre-Pagemaker.

My horoscope for today said nothing was going to go as planned today. I could fuss and make it worse or relax and just go with it. I relaxed. And the day was excellent. The class was very good. We laughed. I got all my written work done. I was writing class notes up until I started speaking. Not the way I like working. But, I let it go.

I made pulled pork in the crock pot last night and this morning for dinner with our daughter and Mr L. We had Spaghetti Bread (daughter baked), noodles, salad and pork. A very good dinner. It was so funny because I forgot I had made a dinner in the crock pot. As I was driving home, I remembered, and was so damned happy. Dinner. Hot and ready to eat. Company. And tomorrow I'm not working. I'm exhausted but very happy this evening. A Good Day. I think I will sleep like a ROCK.

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