Sunday, April 18, 2010

Strawberry Cream Pansies

These two flats of pansies are going into the rippled planter on the front porch. Soon. Today I am restful. Reading my Wallander and making a rutabaga, potato, cabbage and carrot soup. Sort of like the broth from the corned beef and cabbage dinner. Only vegetarian. It's ready but I wanted to post before diving in.

I woke before 8 this morning but climbed back in bed to just stare at the ceiling for another hour. Now, I have laundry to finish up and ironing to start on. I am so very tired. Tomorrow it all begins again. With classes again on Saturday and Sunday. I know it takes a body four weeks to get used to a new routine. And I have three more weeks to go. But when I get used to it, everything will be back to normal. Patience.

This week's classes are on Edible Containers. Vegetable container gardening. Something I do normally in my own garden. I just need to have a good handout and start writing my class notes. I do better with an outline and I need to start timing these things as I go on too long and the class chairs are hard. Butts go numb.

Dinner with daughter and Mr L went very well. He LOVED the pulled pork. Her Cheese Bread was divine. The salad of wild greens, olive oil and Balsamic vinegar was delicious. Brownies hot out of the oven for dessert. I had a crusty little edge with my coffee. And I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek from Mr L (while I was washing dishes). And, because of "company" the dining room table got cleaned off and we have new placemats and napkins.

This afternoon, G and daughter are at the movies. G has finally redeemed his birthday coupon for a movie, popcorn and Coke that daughter gave him in November. The movie is violent, bloody and hilarious. Nick Cage and a teenage girl in a purple wig.

I'm having a big bowl of soup, finishing my book and well, that's all I plan on doing for the next hour or so. Wish I knew how to nap.

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