Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not So Much Whistling While I Work

Each day is better than the day preceding but they are all hard. Too many new employees. Not enough customers. I am busy all day, between coaching new hires and the phone. And D and I are trying to get the Perennial yard organized and yesterday I turned the geranium section backwards and need to fix that today. I marked all the tables with arrows so I can visualize which way the alphabet is going. Right to Left. Right to Left. Right to Left. I mean I'm not stupid, just easily confused. We read left to right.

I had a hot shower after work and a huge hot fudge sundae at DQ $3!. That was dinner. And G, Riley and I slept through whatever was on television last night. Our regular ice cream place, with premium packed ice cream, opens Friday. Same rules will apply. Ice Cream or Dinner.
Not both. I have to search the pants container for pants to wear to work. I'm wearing the 16W's with huge caveman tucks in the waist today. I like the bagginess. I HATE tight pants.

I went shopping at Goodwill in Falmouth with a friend on Tuesday. She kept choosing anything marked size 12 and she is not a size 12. Nothing fit. I suggested a very nice pair of brown cotton cropped pants. 14. Too Big! Too Wide! I asked her to please just try them. Well, they were snug in the hip. My point, which was difficult to get across, is to try on everything even the "too big" sizes because one 12 is another manufacturers 14 or 16. XL in some lines is a 12. And to be realistic. She has gained weight. She is a 14 or even a 16 by now. Too many crackers.

I was trying on men's 36 inch waist pants and none of them were baggy enough for work. The 38's were too big. So I settled for a nice $15 cashmere cardigan for next fall/winter. Red. High Quality. Yummy. I got G a $2 Brooks Brother's silk tie. I need a nice pair of Columbia speedy dry trail pants. The Universe is on notice!

Today's lunch is carrots and hummus and a mixed salad with oil and vinegar. I have bananas. They were 53 cents a pound so I got a big bunch. High in calories but bananas are good.

Yesterday, the company cat had a huge seizure and we all decided it was time for her to move on to cat heaven. 18 or 19 years old and the veteran of being run over by a car and a few other things. I scooped the last of her poop from in front of my work table yesterday. She made her last trip to the vet at 2 pm. Maxine. I will miss seeing her sleeping on the grass seed bags, or the stone walkway in the sun, or in the gift shop in a decorative basket or bowl. I will not miss seeing her on the lunch room table.

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Diane N said...

I also like baggy pants and can't stand the really tight ones. My dad always used to say that your britches should be loose enough to flip a fence but not so loose they get hung up on it on the way over. I think I have turned into him.

As for sizes, forget it. I have three different sizes in my closet and they all fit so you are right that you have to try everything on.

And in that age old battle of dinner versus ice cream, I vote for ice cream!

Your blog is the best. I look forward to it every day.