Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Texture Added

I continue to tinker with this doodle whenever I have a few moments. Yesterday I worked on my last class of the Spring season-Vegetable Gardening again. I was very bouncey from an extra large decaf Starbucks coffee I had after lunch at work. Their decaf still has quite a bit of caffeine. Wide awake long into the night. We had leftover pizza for dinner.

Today I am doing laundry before work, changing the bed sheets, making my lunch and dropping Riley off at day care. Working the 10.30 to 6 shift. At least the watering will be done by the time I get to work. Big foliage order from Florida yesterday. Greenhouse is crowded. The lupine, creeping phlox and cold crops (broccoli, onions, cabbage) are arriving. The season is getting ready to explode. I am beginning to be less tired. Drinking more liquids and sleeping with a small pillow at my waist. No backaches.

Another salad for lunch. I have everything for a fruit and yogurt lunch (switched to Dannon light vanilla to save calories) but not quite ready for the summer lunch. Going to have a banana and cereal for breakfast. Run out and get my coffee mug out of the car or fill the thermos with coffee to drink at work. Coffee fills me up. And I chew gum to fill the "chewing" requirement.

The days at work are going past very quickly now. More customers. More questions. It all helps to get through the day. I even had time to wash all the dirt off the floor in front of the potting station and clean out the floor drain. The fertilizing machine is back on, so the floor got washed with blue water. No cat pee or poop now that Maxine is gone. She always enjoyed drinking the blue water.

I have a very good idea of what I want to do for the 12 by 12 for May 1. I have a piece on the work table but I am thinking of another way to go right now. Need to put in another new needle. I have broken so many needles in the past few months. I may have to go to a bigger size needle. Stronger, Thicker. Less likely to snap off at the tip.

My neighbor across the street lost her job. They eliminated her position. 61 years old. Single. This will be the third time she has had to look for a new job in the years she has been my neighbor. I have felt helpless (to help) and sad. She is overweight, bad hips, feet and knees. Still angry about her divorce years ago. Her dog died a few months ago. How much stress can a person take? At what cost?

Yesterday an elderly man had trouble breathing. We kept him calm until the rescue people arrived. I asked how old he was. "Too Old", he said. Just the answer my dad would give. He was 74. Ten years difference between us. I feel ageless and he feels "too old". Perhaps it was this that kept me awake last night and not the coffee?


Annie said...

I really like the letter piece.

: )

gema said...

Your poor neighbour, she needs to start helping herself though. Something I can never understand is why women (and perhaps some men) are bitter years after a divorce. Why do they do that to themselves, Poisoning their systems? LET IT GO! Move on. That is my motto.

I am having a funny headache on the leftside of my forehead and I must now go and read up on Parkinson's disease. So I'm moving on.

Have a happy 1st of May Day! Love your new piece.