Sunday, May 02, 2010

The Earth Keeps Turning

The inside of a beautiful, but dying, yellow rose. I saw pictures of dying flowers on another blog and they were so much more interesting and beautiful than the fresh flowers. I could crop and get closer to what interested me (the center of the bloom) with iPhoto and I can enhance the color to make every picture more like "real" life. I love the richness of the yellows. Luscious.

My days are getting better. Dirtier but less tired. Yesterday was long and hot. I had to wring the water out of my tee shirt several times. We watered plants and I was lifting them over my head after and water poured out and on to me. I also taught a class on vegetable gardening. My last class for the Spring season and I am glad of that. I think I taught, one way or another, 6 or 8 classes this season.

I have cabbages and lettuces to plant in my OWN vegetable garden today. And I bought beet seed tape so I can have straight rows of evenly spaced little beets. My rhubarb is finally looking robust. I have lovely tulips blooming and will plant more for next Spring. The shrubs I spent lots of $$$$'s on last summer are budding (on a few stems) so they are still alive. My crab apples are breaking bud. I have plenty of weeding to do.

We are collecting mail and papers for the cross the street neighbor. I also watered and added soil to her potted up pansies and watered the pansies still in their peat containers. I'm a good neighbor. Thought you might want to know that. LOL.

G just called from the woods where he and Riley are walking. Riley "flushed" a full grown wild turkey off her nest. And then he sniffed the nest and the five eggs, after following the back trail of the turkey back through the woods. G said Riley was close to bringing the bird down. I said, "what would you have done about that?" Riley has started to have his own preferences now that he is three. He prefers to be outside. And he prefers that we also be outside. He doesn't care what we do outside. Read, sleep, talk on the phone.

I have work to do, of the art variety, today, and a few shirts to iron. All the laundry is washed and the last load is in the dryer. G and I went out for a very late breakfast and I am making baked ziti for dinner tonight. G has the little greenhouse to set up and hoses to pull out of the cellar. I am reading Anne Tyler's Noah's Compass right now. I would give it a C. Not up to her past standards. I will try and do better with posting this coming week.

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