Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Tomato Garden

Edited: I bought a delicious Italian cow's milk cheese. A loaf of brown rice and sesame bread. I had a wonderful lunch. Walked the dog. Then drove back into town to see the foreign film of The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo. Absolutely true to the book. Violent and uncomfortable at times. But the Swedish-ness of it was perfect. A continuation of my winter of Swedish mysteries. A perfect day. G even took Riley and I out for ice cream and gas for my car.

So far, I have divided the 12 pack of Cluster Tomatoes and repotted them in larger quarters. So they can stretch and grow nice big roots. They keep leaning towards the windows and I turn them frequently. They want OUT!. But it's too cold outside for my tomato babies. I still need to divide the bell peppers and jalapenos into individual pots. After I write to you.

The weather statistics were on the evening news last night (while G & I were chewing our way through over heated (burned) leftover pizza). In the seventy years that our station has recorded weather; April, 2010 had the warmest temps on record. And last April came in second. Our usual snowfall is 70 inches per winter. Last winter: 31 inches. Can you all say "Global Warming"? The downside to all this fantastic weather is rising water tables from Arctic melt. I may be ocean front in 20 years. I could even be underwater. It doesn't take more than a sharp shovel to find underground water in my yard right now, or in the basements of my neighbors when it rains. G has wondered about digging a well in the garden for the vegetables.

I was reading my Painter's Key letter this morning and there was a quote from Robert Frost: "no tears in the writer, no tears in the reader". This morning's letter was about emotion in artwork. The emotions the letter's author valued were; love, joy, desire, empathy, kindness and excitement. It is good to have these emotions show in the work you create.

Today; lunch with my friend. Tonight; LOST.


kathy said...

I've preordered the girl who kicked the hornets nest from audible.com. Love listening to them when I walk.

gema said...

I have the trilogy(had to wait 2 weeks for Amazon to deliver book #1) and so far have read the first book....wonderful, I didn't NOTHING the weekend I read it. I just stayed in bed and read. My family was rather discontented. I didn't care. Now to find(steal)the time to read book #2.
I don't think I'll watch the movie until I've read them all.