Sunday, May 02, 2010

Friend of Twelve By Twelve

My second post for today. Playing catch up with the Colorplay Challenge for May 1st. I had all these fabrics on my worktable for the past month but no time to go fiddle with them. There was another fabric, a commercially printed one, that I didn't use. All of these are either painted or bleach discharged by me. I added red with the stitching as adding red fabric set my teeth on edge. The lower part is the underground lava. The earth in the middle, still green and alive.
And then the black smoke rising into the ashy sky.

Here is a detail close up. I tweaked the color saturation in iPhoto to come close to what I see in "real life" as the light here in the house (due to skylights) is very bright and is drowning out the color. I wanted the opening to have a torn and raw look.

I have to admit to having viewed the real Twelve's and perhaps was influenced by their work. But they are all so good, it could only be a compliment.

If there hadn't been an actual volcanic eruption in the month preceding the May 1st due date, I think we would have made entirely different things. I know I was contemplating another still life of "Vase With Flowers".


dee said...

This really represents a volcano. I really like this. The lower part looks so much like running lava. Wonderful work Joanne

mathea said...

I thought "industrial city with heavy pollution" when I first saw it, but I also see the volcano/lava thing, so different viewers could have different interprations I suppose. But that's often the case with great art, right? ;-)

paula, the quilter said...

I found the 'ash cloud' a bit heavy and wanted to reach into the screen and flip it upside down. This was before I read your narrative. Now I understand.

Terry said...

That lava fabric is amazing! Your piece really has a feeling of force and energy--very volcanic.

Helen Conway said...

A great piece of painterly art!

Deborah Boschert said...

I had to look at it for a few days before I commented. It has so much energy. I love it. It's really just amazing. Love the combination of the machine stitching and the hand stitching. Love the frayed edges.