Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

In celebration of this lovely holiday, I worked. To cover lunches on Saturday, all day Sunday and from 8 to 3 today. I was thrilled when 3 pm arrived. I loaded the car (Fit) with two bags of cow manure and three of bark chips (for the garden walks) and a flat of petunias (blue). And now I am showered, enjoying a cup of coffee and thinking about preparing to reheat my Chinese leftovers and start the DVD player and watch Fringe episodes. I watched the pilot (2 hrs) last night. So good. I may watch it again. And I TiVoed the repeat of the LOST ending so I could watch it again.

Tomorrow, a real day off. I'm going to the bank with my checks, to Big Top for an egg sandwich, and to get my haircut at Bounce. I am hoping the wind stays the way it's been all day and the Quebec fire smoke stays away. It fills the house at night and I wake up sneezing. I don't tolerate smoke and will eventually get bronchitis (and wheeze). Each morning the fog holds the smoke close to the ground until the sun burns it off and the wind changes. Further inland they are smelling (breathing) the smoke all day.

G has a new prescription for an allergy spray (instead of Clariton) and his cough is changing and his chest feels better. Perhaps this is his problem? He says he is noticing more improvement each morning. Wouldn't that be something!

The picture at the top is Dianthus. These particular flowers are 2009 annuals. Still in the box this spring, unplanted. And growing. So I unboxed them and planted them and they grew and made flowers. A gardening surprise. Tomorrow, the remainder of the bedding plants will be settled into their little dirt homes. Another blue container and another deep red/pink one by the front steps. Penstemon, cornflower and blue petunias with white gaura in one and beaujolais loosestrife and more dianthus in another. And zinnias. Cleome and globe flower also need to be planted. A busy gardening day.

Tomorrow I will mix manure and Pro Mix for the pepper (bell and jalapeno) containers, the cucumbers with trellis and plant my pole beans and strawberries. I think I will wait a little while longer to set the tomatoes in the ground. They kind of like riding around the yard in the garden cart. I am also baking a rhubarb custard pie. G & I drove out to Patty's and pulled some of her rhubarb while she wasn't home. What will you be doing?

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