Saturday, May 29, 2010

Running On Empty Almost

Well, I don't think we have a medical emergency here. Yet. Because of the holiday, the CAT scan isn't being scheduled. The person who does this, is on vacation. So, we await her return. Beginning to sound more like "taking a closer look" than "oh, No!". Even the doctor was unavailable to have even a short conversation. From what I hear at work, this is the way things go, medically. Hurry & Wait.

Today the skies are a bit overcast this morning. I'm sure the sun will burn through eventually. I have, stupidly, volunteered to come into work to cover the lunch shifts and then go home. 11 to 1 or so. I have some plants and citrus fertilizer put aside to purchase. But, I will spend the morning relaxing. Walk the dog after work. Stop in at the grocery for something to make for dinner. We had Chinese take out for dinner last night. Each of us ate half of our orders. Hard to be hungry for dinner at 8 in the evening. (I get home from work at 7.30).

I did go up into the attic to search in Gregor's fabric boxes for purple and yellow. Guess what? In my huge stash of fabric, no purple. And, nearly, no purple in the boxes upstairs. Finally, a few bits of purple. Not my kind of fabric. We'll see if I can make something presentable. I don't know if I even have purple paint to paint my own fabric for the 12 by 12 challenge. I could "mix" some. I see so much purple in the work of others. Why none in my fabric choices? I guess this is the challenge of the Colorplay series for 12 by 12. Using colors outside our comfort zones. I have a purple top in my closet. Wore it once. With lime green. So, perhaps, I can use a very limey yellow with my purple bits. Feeling a bit more comfy with the combo now.

This weekend is graduation and reunion weekend for the "not quite Ivy league" college here in my town. The streets are lined with every kind of luxury vehicle being driven by men in starched shirts and expensive silk ties. The women are in slacks and tops. The restaurants are packed. Peacocks strutting.

Next week or the weekend after, their children will dump clothes, carpets, computers and everything in their rooms and leave town. No hauling of belongings in the luxury vehicles.
Town folk used to dive in the dumpsters for barely used items. Now, we have the scheduled "Dump & Run" sale. College employees and staff have first dibs on the stuff so most of the really GOOD stuff is purchased by them and later sold at garage sales. One year, long ago, a student from the middle east had wool rugs (hand knotted) and silk weave pillows which she tossed in the dumpster. That was before dump & run and a town person found them and rejoiced in the resale value. And the legend of found treasure began and the dumpsters were ransacked, leaving trash all over the parking lots. My daughter goes to the sale each year and finds some treasure. Last year it was a very large mirror. But usually she picks up some expensive jeans, a lamp, books, or a sweater.

Time for more coffee and a bowl of cereal. This part of my "day off" is going as planned.

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dee said...

I'm sorry to hear that your husband is having health issues. Hope it comes to a lot of fuss over nothing.
I have tons of purple fabric. Tell me what you need I'll send you some scraps or parts of fat quarters.