Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Another Post Today- Because I Miss You

My orchids are doing a splendid job here in the bay window. I splurged and bought two of the same and potted them back to back in a rough textured Bonsai bowl. They are more beautiful than I had even hoped they would be.

My gardening this morning and early afternoon went quite well. I removed weeds from 2.5 beds (G helped with the other .5 on Sunday). I dumped two full wheelbarrow in the woods (my own) and have a very full barrow waiting for G plus an overflowing weed bucket.

I now have cabbages (12), lettuces (12), beet tape (40 beets) in one bed. In the second, I have Arugula (12) and Mesclun (6) sprinkled with radish seeds. I gave up on the gardening due to several (12?) gigantic mosquito bites which are now giant and swollen and red and itchy. I washed off in the kitchen sink, threw on a work shirt and drove to the library for books but ended up with books and a bag of used clothing I had given one of the library staff (and she was returning to me--wool pants I had been looking for this winter) Next stop was the grocery and I had an intuitive thought and raised the car windows (Riley stayed inside the car) and what a good thing that was as the sky opened while I was inside and dumped rain on the car. Riley wouldn't like that.

Now, G is home and Riley is retrieving a blue rubber bone for treats. A new trick. A new way to exercise a dog that didn't get his walk. And I am in here due to the large quantity of mosquitos in the yard. Time for Riley's dinner and for ours. A good day.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. But then I saw the mailman delivering mail to the same houses, day after day. He probably doesn't want to go to work either some days. Or the person collecting shopping carts in the rain. Or the guy cutting grass. Lots of jobs aren't all the much fun to do over and over and over again. Mine is beginning to seem tedious with lunch time being the highpoint. Until it's time to go home. That's quite a thrill each day, sad but true.


kathy said...

I agree, your orchids are stunning! I saw some beautiful ones yesterday at, of all places, Sams club. Just looked at them closely.

dee said...

The orchids are really beautiful. I haven't seen that color around here

I thought of you yesterday when I went to the store and they had the most magnificent Mandevilla plants in bloom. I was so tempted but they were $36 and I walked away. I've been thinking about them ever since and probably will go back. I'm always given Hibiscus for Mother's Day but I think I'll tell the boys that two of these willake me happy this year.

Hope the day goes well and your bites stop itching.

Annie said...

Wow, what a thrill those orchids are, just beautiful!

Wouldn't it be great if we could enjoy spring without the mosquitoes and blackflies? My dh mowed the lawn yesterday morning and has been scratching his arms almost constantly from tons of bites.

And those unpredictable sudden showers and downpours, ugh! I started off for a nice walk with the sun shining and ended up quite wet from a shower about a mile from home with no protection, of course as soon as I hit my driveway on my return, after getting soaked, the sun is back.

: )

Diane N said...

This comment has nothing to do with your blog today but I thought you might like to know that Love Soup, the cookbook you featured a few times in your blog, just won the James Beard Award.