Saturday, May 22, 2010

Centaura Amethyst

In bloom now in the perennial bed next to my deck (stoop). I bought one little plant last season and now it's very large and I even gave away three plants to a new gardener. I purchased veggie starts of cucumber, summer and winter squash. I need zucchini. I also need to be out in the garden most of today to weed and plant things. I may have more plants than I can fit into my garden space. I need three days in a row to get the garden straightened up.

Making a vegetable lasagna today. With eggplant. Everything else remains the same: cheeses (mozzarella and ricotta), spinach, noodles. I can't always make what G likes. I also want to make a crock pot version of red beans and rice. Forgot to soak the beans overnight. And a curried squash and rice dish with onion and ginger. Those last two dishes will be just for me. I don't think G has ever even tasted any of the food I enjoy making and eating. He has decided he wouldn't like them by the way they look.

I had planned to have a gin and tonic yesterday after work. Even put the tonic in the fridge to chill while I was working. Forgot. I nearly fell asleep standing up.

Riley is waiting, impatiently, for his walk. We went early yesterday and now he thinks that's the way it should be. I still have coffee to drink and cereal to eat. I think today is going to be very busy. I could list all the housekeeping and gardening chores I hope I can fit into the day but I won't. That's how this blog got started. I sent email to friends listing all the stuff I had to do or had done and one replied. "Keep it to yourself, I don't care." So my son suggested a blog. Where I could type anything I wanted to say and if I ever had any readers, they could just close the page if I got boring. Seems to be working quite well, I think.

One of the college lads made me smile most of the day yesterday. He called across the yard "where is the asylum?" He meant alyssum.

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Annie said...

"Where is the asylum"? now that is funny.

I like to read what other people are thinking and doing, most people don't give the small details or open up much on blogs, that's why I like you so much. I like reading about everything you do...what you have to eat, etc. Actually you give me menu ideas.

I could never do a blog, I don't like writing or talking about myself, but I do enjoy reading,especially non fiction.

: )