Friday, May 21, 2010

Post 795

Good Morning. What a lovely day here in Maine. Sunny. Blue Skies. Not as hot as yesterday. And I was up early and had a nice walk with my friend and Riley. We got to catch up on our news, look at the neighborhood gardens (and some new construction) and the houses for sale.

Now I am back home and have just scheduled a repair for my Maytag clothes dryer. It was working just fine and I, yes, I did, said "wow, this thing is getting old". Bingo. It broke. Gary was all, "you should never say things like that in front of an appliance!" So, on Tuesday, service people are coming to change the belt which turns the dryer drum. They asked and I said the dryer is anywhere between 20 and 26 years old. Closer to 26. I have clothes hanging from things, drying the old fashioned way.

I have to make some lunch and take the dog to day care and meet some people at work to select plants for the Maine Street Visitors Center/Train Station. After that I hope to spend another day outside in the Perennial Yard. Alone. People are getting on my nerves.

Riley has decided to curl up under the computer desk to keep me company. I mentioned in the past two days that he used to do that every morning and then he stopped for a really long time (could be a whole year). He must be related to my appliances.

Gotta run. No almonds and no yogurt today. Tootless.

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Deborah Boschert said...

Riley knows people and appliances can be exhausting. He is figuring you can manage the company of a dog. He's probably right.