Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost Without LOST

Still reading the LOST blogs to see if I got it right. The ending made me cry. Happy tears mostly. It was like getting to the end of a really, good, long book and not wanting to reach the last page. But when you finally read that last page and close the book, you have so many images and thoughts swirling through your head. I wouldn't have missed a minute of this six year adventure. I was captivated in the first moments of the pilot. Never really into the Darma stuff, I was into the people. And in the end, it was all about the people.

I have often wondered if I am living in "real" time or if I am in a "sideways" alternate existence, the waiting area before heaven or hell. G & I were driving in South Carolina a few years ago and we came very close to being involved in a car crash that would have resulted in our deaths. At the point when I thought we would crash, everything got very quiet. We didn't crash, die or even get hurt (or did we?). We continued to drive to Atlanta shaken up but alive. But things are different. Things always seem different to me, now. More like living in a fictionalized world. I know "near death" experiences change people, but how can it also change everything and everyone around you?

I was supposed to be having my clothes dryer repaired this morning. But it's not happening. Perhaps tomorrow. Late in the afternoon. And what if he doesn't have the correct belt for the dryer drum on his truck? I will "fictionalize" that he will have the correct belt on the truck. And then I will go home and wash bed sheets and towels. And dry them.

I have been drying clothing on two of those wiggly drying racks (from college days-- my kids). But towels get all stiff and board like. And king sheets would crush the little wiggly racks to the floor. I am hanging shirts and tees from hangers on my Ethan Allen four poster bed. So tacky of me!!!!! We are making do. Everything is taking forever to dry. I might move the racks upstairs where it is very hot and dry. Take advantage of the heat.

The yogurt experiment continues. I have found that eating the Greek yogurt is really filling and I rarely am interested in eating dinner. A small sandwich would be enough. I do tend to lose my appetite in the warmer, summer months. An iced coffee is good enough most days, made with cream. I just need something crunchy to eat before or after the yogurt to give me "chewing" which helps to satisfy the appetite. I have apples. Carrots. Big Sky granola. And Sunday I had pretzel sticks.

Brown Tail Moth. We didn't have them too much last year, but the mild winter didn't kill them off, so now everywhere you look, caterpillars are chewing tree leaves and shedding their red hairs. The hairs land on skin and create an unbelievably itchy rash. They can also cause breathing problems. I have spots of the rash where my socks end at the ankle, the edge of my tee shirt sleeves, around my neck. Added to mosquito and black fly bites and general dirt blowing around the perennial yard from the mulch pile, you have one itchy woman.

On a fascinatingly good note: A coworker heard me talking about wanting to watch Season One of Fringe and I now have her copy in my hands. How's that for writing one's life?

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Annie said...

Oh, ugh, I hope those brown tail moths stay in your area. I'm not sure if we have those down here where we are? If I recall they stay along the coast.

We've had many infestations of the gypsy moth,in years past, they are so ugly and do such damage! Knock wood, none lately.

I want it to cool off, 93 with humidity is too warm for me. We don't have the AC hooked up yet, very uncomfortable sleeping last night.

I tried "Lost" when it first came on, just couldn't get into it. I'm glad you enjoyed to the end. It is sad to see a favorite tv show leave for good, oh well, there will always be something else come along.

: )