Monday, May 10, 2010

"Sensations" Lilac

G brought home a flower from the lilac that is planted near one corner of the building where he works. Sensations. I love the picotee white edge on each petal. The fragrance is light, not overpowering. G says it looks better in person. I think it looks the same.

Today is over. It wasn't bad, but it was cold, raw and windy. I was outside most of the time and my fingers were cold. I had a nice cup of tea with my lunch. DWTS tonight and leftover pizza reheated. I think I am going to be falling asleep in front of the television again.

Mother's Day was nice. Long phone calls with both of my children. They are both happy, healthy and sweet to me. What more could I want? Oh, yes. BBQ chicken nachos and later a small strawberry cone. Masterpiece Mystery. Hot, sweet tea.

Tomorrow is my day off. Lunch with an friend from the library. Eggplant. Then a walk with Riley and some gardening if it's not too cold. Tonight we are having a freeze. 32 degrees. I may have time (before lunch) to get my glasses "tuned up" (straightened), visit the resale shop, buy a loaf of dense whole grain bread and perhaps some good cheese. Sounds good to me.


Diane N said...

A resale shop, dense whole grain bread and really good cheese. Life just doesn't get much better than that!

I wish you a wonderful day off.

gema said...

Do you remember the 'Eisheilige' from living in Germany?

Myth has it that the Eisheilige can visit anytime up until the 14th May and until then you don't put your seedlings or your perisible plants (like my tropical plants)outdoor. Unless of course, you are lucky to have a greenhouse.

Well it was fairly warm here at the end of Apr. beginning of May so I put all my tropical plants outside and for the first time had to learn that the Eisheilige is NOT a myth!!!! 'He' visited on the nights of the 8-10th of May and temps tipped to 2°C on those nights. Now my plants are looking sad and wilted. I hope they'll pull through and acclimatize. There was no way I could have lifted them back inside by myself.

Tomorrow is the 14th May so 'Eisheilige' begone!