Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Blue Box

Last year I began a new tradition. One of the deck boxes is all about pink and red. The other box blue and white. Blue Scabiosa. Blue lobelia. Verbena Bonsarensis. Speedwell.

The weather today was only slightly less awful. Yesterday it hit 93 in some parts of Maine. Today, perhaps 85. I felt like I was in a toaster oven. So hot. So dirty. So itchy from bites and sunburn. So stinky. I think I was wearing one of the shirts I got from a big grab bag of used work tees. And I think the original owner had some BO. This shirt is going into the trash can or I may just set it on fire. Other people were also having BO deja vu with their tee shirts. The heat sort of set the smells trapped in the fiber ..... free. I wore shorts and no socks today. And I remembered to put sunscreen on my ears.

I have a small serving of Greek non fat vanilla for tomorrow. I had been measuring it by the cup but obviously 32 ounces by weight is not 4 cups by measurement. I have some plain I can add. I may have it with sliced ripe mango.

The appliance service guy called me at work at 3.45 to say he would arrive at my house at 4.30 to fix my clothes dryer. This same guy has repaired all my appliances and this particularly difficult to work on dryer before. He replaced the belt today and another part that looked wobbly and was getting ready to break. And he cleaned out all the lint. He recommends continuing to repair the 26 year old machines as they are better built and more reliable than anything made new today. And there are parts to use to fix them. New machines have no parts inventory and have to be "totaled" rather than fixed. Any reader with a newer refrigerator knows what I'm talking about. So, I will continue to fix or repair my appliances (every 5 to 6 years we need to call for service). $162. Priceless.

We dined out this evening at Beale Street Memphis BBQ. Delicious. I traded my usual Margarita for the seasoned thin fries. Salty. I had beef brisket. Now, I need a cold glass of water.

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paula, the quilter said...

That is EXACTLY what my repairman told me. My dryer is about 25 years old too. I hang my clothes outside in the warmer weather. This year, I have to wait for CarGuy to install the other end of my pull out clothes line. It goes on the new siding of the garage. He is not happy.