Sunday, May 09, 2010

And Today We Rest

Friday, at work, was one phone call after another. I was usually two or three orders behind all day but finally caught up just before closing. I never got to water anything. So I knew the plants were suffering. Not enough people employed who were ready to "work" productively.
But the sun was shining on Friday. Saturday was a raw, rainy, cold and ugly day all around. The scheduled Mother's Day deliveries weren't moving along very well, (the one courier took a long lunch followed by a long coffee break) and delivery customers were calling and asking when their delivery was arriving. "It's on the truck". It doesn't matter how lovely the arrangement is: if it's late, they aren't going to be happy. We should have delivered the stuff ourselves in the company van. With the company logos.

Anyway. I did the best I could. I could tell you about the customer who received the Oriental styled Lucky Bamboo but I just told the story to my husband and my blood pressure is very high right now. Some people don't know how to receive a gift specifically chosen for them.

The sun seems to be trying to shine today. Last night we had night temps in the low 40's and tender plants probably suffered a bit. Next two nights will be in the low 30's at night. Customers who ignored my advice and planted tomatoes and peppers outside along with their geraniums and petunias will be calling to ask why their stuff is now dead. Monday will be lots of fun.

I still have four beds to weed, well, mostly remove raspberry canes that have traveled into the raised beds. I can also plant the perennials I bought into my deck planters. And I have a book to read. Most of the laundry is done. Some shirts to iron. I want to have more BBQ chicken nachos with sour cream and avocado for dinner. G made them on Friday night. And ice cream. That will be my Mother's Day. A nice, restful day. Lovely.

The sunflowers at the top were found, by me, in the Floral Dept. garbage can. Their stems had broken just beneath the flower head. I carried them home in a paper cup of water and waited for sunlight in order to photograph them for you. Hope they bring sunshine to your day!

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Annie said...

Oh those gorgeous sunflowers! Thanks for bringing those home so you could photograph them, lovely.

Sounds like Sat was hectic and tiring day. Glad you have today to rest up.

Happy Mother's day.

Our daughter just left after a nice visit

: )