Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Day. Another Flower.

This single hibiscus has been boosted in iPhoto from it's rather sedate creamy yellow into something richer. I love the white edge.

The hibiscus from yesterday's post was potted up, by me, today and sent along to console a grieving widow. Sent by a tearful woman in North Carolina who couldn't be there in person. I spoke to the plant and sent it out into the world, with a big job, hard work.

I also created three identical purple, blue, pink and white window boxes (which were almost instantly copied by a customer) for a doctor's office deck; root pruned, fertilized, gave an iron treatment & repotted a very sick Magnolia; repotted and pruned a 10 year old Bonsai; and planted three more window boxes of the economy variety. And I watered my half and half of the other side of the greenhouse. And I knew which table the peonies were on. 32. Without looking.

I forgot my wallet this morning (no money, no driver's license) and needed to buy food for dinner tonight. I dug in my work tote and the pockets in the car and came up with $5. Good thing what I wanted was on sale- pork. We had sauteed pork, baked potatoes with sour cream and real chives from my garden, broccoli (from the freezer) and store brand applesauce. A very good supper.

I purchased a new shampoo yesterday @ Target. Ginger, calendula and something else. Creamy and it smells good. My other shampoo wasn't smelling as nice as it once did.

I'm having a final cup of coffee and now it's time for bed. Tomorrow I plant the bok choy.
Sprinkle lettuce seeds in a small part of the herb garden and perhaps divide and plant my strawberries. Still too cold to do my own window boxes with the two flats of magenta pink impatiens I broke into individual plants and potted in 4 inch pots today at work. I had impatiens in the shed window boxes last summer and they did very well. Got all big and bouncy looking. Walking the dog tomorrow. No movie or lunch date. No laundry and no ironing. I do need to return to the grocery with my checkbook and buy some food. Greek yogurt to taste test.

With all the physical work I am doing, 40 hours a week on my feet, walking , bending, lifting and the good diet I am eating (shredded wheat with soy milk, green salad with carrots and olive oil balsamic vinegar dressing and a good, plain dinner, no regular desserts, no snacking, no burgers, no fries or chips -- you would think I would be looking a bit slimmer. Contrarily, I look heavier. Feel like a huge whale. My legs look enormous. My upper arms flap in the breezes. Depressing. I'm very tired. So goodnight. Tomorrow is another day. Fresh start and all.


Annie said...

Joanne, with all that hard work you are all muscle!

I loved that sentiment with which you sent off the hibiscus to the grieving widow.

Both pics were nice too, I really like yellow flowers.

: )

dee said...

Cut yourself some slack Joanne. It's not as though you're sitting on your duff painting your nails and scarfing bon bons. You work hard and your comment reminds me of the way I felt when, after working my tush off at Curves for months, I weighed in to find a 3 pound gain. Muscle shmuscle-I was so pissed. Be at peace with yourself. After you pound the crap out of something, that is. Big hammer on tree stump-worked for me.

You can't help but smile at the big, blousey, riot of color that is Hibiscus. James bought me a sweet pink one this year. Really pretty.