Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Pictorial Tour Of Where I Work

This is the view from the left side door of the "Big House" looking west. The birds are usually flying around and tweeting. This area is where we stock our shrubs and trees.

The Annual House where all the action is these days. This is where we hide the tomato seedlings (all the way in the back), cucumbers, peppers and squash. All the stuff people want to plant even though it's too cold.

This is my Perennial Yard where I spend most of my days. See that little car in the upper right? That's my orange Fit. Table 7 has Yarrow in front and orange Wallflower and Turtlehead on the backside. If the ground looks wet it's not from rain. The irrigation system had just shut off. I took these pictures before 8 am this morning.

The Big House. Four tables wide and 8 or 10 deep. I've never counted. This is the first table inside the door. Impatiens. I get to water all those hanging baskets usually, but I now have a college guy, who is very tall, watering them. Nice guy. Intelligent.

Today we had lots of customers and seemed to have sold quite a bit of plants. I was very busy. Mostly outside in the perennial yard putting away the reorder I sent in last night. We get a truck everyday. A big dirt cloud kept blowing across the yard from the mulch, loam and compost piles up behind where my car is parked. The clouds of dirt would blow over and on me. So, first thing, a much needed hot shower.

G & Riley have gone to get Chinese takeout. Ginger Chicken with Green Beans for me. Extra Rice. Spring Rolls with hot mustard and duck sauce.

Tomorrow it's going to be in the 70's and very hot. I am SO GLAD I am NOT working.

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Terry said...

Just how I pictured it!