Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Time To Plant

In keeping with my newest resolution (to only buy new plants when the previously purchased plants are in the ground), I have Arugula and Mesclun lettuces to plant, Beet Tape to lay out in perfectly spaced lines, and garlic cloves to plant. If I find the onion starts they will go in also. G cleaned up my sunporch space and the onions may be "lost forever". I now have a hose in the Vegetable Garden so I can water. Thank you, G. I'm fashionably attired in garden pants, socks and a "old man" vest tee shirt which does nothing for the "girls" or my wrinkled arms. I'm thinking ahead to sunshine on my arms. No Farmer Tan.

Most of my work today will involve digging weeds and clover out of the raised beds. Then I will add the last bag of cow manure to the lettuces and perhaps drive to work with my gift certificate and buy fertilizer and more cow poop. I feel great this morning. I took a pain pill about 8 pm and slept like a baby. Very nice.

Riley is already outside on the deck. Surveying his domain. Later he will work on the "cooling" dirt hole he is digging near the garden, where I work, digging.

I was disappointed in the lack of comments on my Twelve piece. But such is life. I did it for myself really, and so, have to be content. Moving on to the next challenge of Purple & Yellow. I wonder what color or color combo I would suggest? How about you?

I have lots of leftovers in the fridge to work through. Baked Ziti from last night. Roasted Beets. Mexican Food from a student in my garden classes. Chinese Sweet & Sour Chicken. I should visit the grocery for lettuce for lunch. I do have yogurt I could eat at lunch and carrots and hummus. So perhaps, the grocery can wait until I need cereal and soy milk.

I'm getting started on my garden day by eating my cereal outside with Riley. 72 yesterday. Who knows how hot it will get today? Global Warming.


paula, the quilter said...

I sure wish I could get out and play in the dirt. But sadly I have to go to work and then when I have the time, the wind howls in (like right now) or it is too cold. Our last freeze date is May 7ish. But it has been known to snow in June. I don't get the garden rototilled until mid-May, but I also don't have to replant because of hail damage.

Terry said...

I have had a large drop in number of comments in the last week or so. Wonder if there is something wierd with Blogger that is keeping people from commenting. Or maybe everyone is just preoccupied!