Friday, May 28, 2010

Lupine Blooming

I don't know if they are early or late, can't tell anymore with this crazy warm weather. But they are exactly where I didn't want them. That's where they grow best.

I just finished a good 30 minutes of frustrating Blogger sign in. It happens every so often and no matter how I try and sign in, none of it works. So, now I have, yet another, new password.
For the "new" blogger. This post is 801. I wonder if I will be able to reach 1000 by December 31st without resorting to twice a day "Tweet" style posts? If I don't make the deadline I will just extend.

G had a doctor's appointment yesterday. And a chest xray. And a phone call to immediately return for another. He missed that call while out walking the dog (and he rarely checks to see if there are messages) so now we have no idea what may be wrong. All sorts of things swirl through my mind and heart but I know we will deal with whatever the future brings (or doesn't bring), together. What is that saying? Life is what happens while you are making other plans?

The temps in the greenhouse were better yesterday. And today should be better still. More normal for Maine weather. We are busy. Very. And seriously understaffed with people with garden knowledge. A customer arrived yesterday and he had been told not to ask anyone watering plants his question. Portulaca? I wasn't watering. I answered his question. I think, in the next few days, I will just be doing that. And earning my salary. Five checks uncashed now.

Tomorrow. My day off. I can sit and look at my garden and plant things and be restful. Watch a few episodes of Fringe: Season One. Make a real dinner. Bake a pie. Last night G had more leftover lasagna and I had some of the red bean chili I made so long ago. It was delicious. I made it with dry beans. Organic ones. I don't know if that was the reason it was so good, but if it was, I am all about organic beans now.

Then a new week begins and this one has wedding rehearsal flowers. Wedding flowers rarely go off without a problem or twelve. I already have some problems with finding 24 clay pots. I have 18. Today's truck should (should is operative) have a transfer of 10. Then I need to find the 24 perfectly gorgeous geraniums to go in those pots. Geraniums, not in bloom now, but perfectly in bloom on Friday evening in time for dinner. Like herding cats.

I have non fat plain yogurt today and I will be sprinkling two spoons of sugar on the surface along with the raspberries and peaches. I did it yesterday and it was amazingly "not so sour". My co worker who has been eating Greek yogurt twice a day for about a month (to lose belly fat) says she can no longer stand to eat regular yogurt. Way Too Sweet. Amazing. And she is losing weight in case you wondered. I think it's because the Greek yogurt is so thick and filling you can't eat more of anything else. And she usually ate chips at lunch and a candy bar. So, its not exactly the yogurt but it is the yogurt side effect. I have an apple before the yogurt (for chewing satisfaction) and then yogurt and a few granola chunks.

I think it's time to "poop".


Annie said...

Oh,Joanne, hope all is well with G.

Enjoy your time off and have a lovely weekend.

: )

Diane N said...

I hope everything will be fine with your husband.
Take care and have a good weekend.

Marianne Mohib said...

Dear Joanne - just back from 3 weeks in Morocco and first thing to do is to read your blog. Hope all will be well with G. Please keep us updated. Hugs - Mom