Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday in The Garden

A Hibiscus from the greenhouse. G & I began the day out on the back deck with our breakfast. G had his on a table (coffee, bagel, juice and yogurt) and I had mine without a table (mango slices, cheese, toast, coffee). While G and Riley had their walk in the woods, I evened out my tan (legs and upper arms).

Then I went into the garden to water, dig weeds, check on my seeds (beets have sprouted and I can see the peas about to break the surface -- Yah!). I also created a little dirt moat around each of the SEVEN roses in the veg garden and gave every one a cup of Rose Tone and several moat fulls of water. I planted the Greek Oregano and Thyme that I had in clay pots. Discovered I have lemon thyme returning and several mints. Clipped the purple flowers off the chives.

I have several nasty, swollen bug bites--one on the top edge of my ear. Black flies or Deer flies. I carried the empty bird bath up closer to the house and G has it in place by the peonies (and filled with water) plus he hung a filled bird feeder on the far right of that bed. My shower (I was filthy) was with lukewarm water. Summer Days.

We went shopping at Target for "supplies" for cleaning. Paper towels, spray cleaners, dishwasher detergent packets (85), and freezer bags. Target had the cutest little polka dot plastic plates. Really cute. But I am over needing stuff like that simply because of the polka dots. What would I use it for? I also put the one dollar package of animal crackers back. Love eating animal crackers. I do need an afternoon snack item for work. Can't imagine what it will be. I did agree to buy seat cushions for the deck chairs. G doesn't like sitting on the wire base. I don't mind. Target had three. I bought two. No room on the deck for three chairs (we have four).

So far, I have sprayed and cleaned the gasket on the fridge (ick), changed the shower curtain, sprayed the tub and shower walls, sprayed and cleaned my sink and toilet and washed a full load of whites (no bleach, though perhaps I should have -- can always rewash).

I think I have enough lettuce for a salad for tomorrow at work, enough carrots, enough coffee. I don't have any yogurt. A co worker is eating 16 ounces of Greek yogurt everyday. Trying to get rid of "belly fat". So far, without going to the gym and eating deli sandwiches and chips etc she has lost a couple of pounds and most of it around her waist. The Greek yogurt is about 200 to 250 per 8 ounces. So she is ADDING 400 to 500 calories (or more) a day to her normal diet, not going to the gym and still losing weight. The Greek yogurt is plain, thick and she has sliced strawberries with it everyday, as a dessert after her lunch and dinner. I may try the Greek style yogurt. With Raspberries.

G and I had ice cream for dinner (this is the third or fourth time we have done this) because we are tired and ice cream is good. Survivor is on tonight. K has returned (I hope) from Ecuador (she had a last minute job of hand carrying a plane part from Atlanta to Ecuador on Thursday) and was supposed to return on Saturday. We talk long distance during Survivor. I think Sandra or Parvati will win the million. Russell will lose for a second time because the jury hates him. I will Tivo Foyle's War on PBS. Work tomorrow.


Life Scraps and Patches said...

I don't know about the weight loss benefits of Greek yogurt, but I've found that I enjoy the plain kind with berries and don't miss the added sugar. It's 80 calories per 5/3 ounces, Oikos brand. It has 15 grams of protein.

Annie said...

The hibiscus is beee-u-tiful!

I tried the Greek yogurt and disliked it muchly, let us know if you try it and what you think of it. My favorite is plain, no fat, Hannaford brand, topped with a bit of honey.

: )