Thursday, May 06, 2010

Watercolor Day

This is a vintage Joanne painting from the 1980's when I still knew how to paint "wet in wet". Later I learned how to control the paint. No more waiting for happy accidents and wasting paper. And then I stopped painting all together. Sad times. I still don't paint often enough to regain any of the technique I may have had intuitively.

It is finally raining. The garden and perennial beds are getting a good soak. Today is more like a real Maine spring. Cool and wet. I have shelved the short pants and returned to wool socks and corduroy pants (with the waistband button sewn back on this morning, first thing).

I purchased five chicken breasts for less than $5 at the grocery on Tuesday and they are in the crockpot with a squeezed lemon and a jar of Pace Picante sauce. I have no idea what this will taste like later today but how can it go wrong? I removed the skin from the bone in breasts but left the bone. To help flavor the pot. Have I mentioned I don't like chicken? I made my usual carrot and Romaine salad for lunch. We are having Papa John's pizza for lunch. A gift from Papa John. I eat late and hope the boys will leave me a wedge.

I left work early yesterday and got my haircut. I had cancelled the appointment but at the last minute I said "who is more important here?" Me or this job? I needed my haircut. So I punched out two hours early. There was nothing to do after emptying the perennial cart. After my haircut I visited Loews and purchased $48 worth of plants for my deck containers. In my work tee with company logo. We don't sell plants in the sizes Loews had for that low a price. And, as usual, I was asked for advice in the aisles. This is when they noticed the logo on my shirt. And started laughing. I just said "I like a good price like everyone else."

I got blue Scabiosa for $2.50 each. And the most interesting red freckled pink petunias for $1.14 each. And one gallon perennials for $5. I could have saved more by just buying the $2.50 things but I wanted large pink Gaura, clear blue speedwell and a charming Red Riding Hood item. One box is all red and pink and the other all blue with a few white petunias. No zinnias. I had hoped they would have the cute deep pink ones I bought last year.

Now I just have to wait for G to haul the boxes up onto the deck. And then I get to fill them with soil less mix and plant everything. I wish I had taken the extra 15 minutes yesterday to fling my peas out into the bed. The rain would have gotten them off to a good start. I'm going to try the "fling and poke" method described in the Victory Garden book.

It's raining pretty hard. I'll need to wear rain gear at work. Today is probably the day all the trucks will deliver stuff. Blech!


dee said...

Just my 2 cents but you should start painting again...stricly pot to kettle since I have abandoned my painting and pen & ink work myself.
Your watercolor is lovely

Diane N said...

If you miss painting why not try it again and see what comes of it? The painting you showcased today was really lovely. You may discover tht you haven't lost as much of your intuitive technique as you think and who knows, you just might find that you have other or different techniques if you give it a try.

You have written many times that your art is done for yourself and that's the best way to be. That's when it's good, not when it's done to sell or to please other people. When you show us readers some of the art you have created it always seems to ring true.

If you are truly missing the painting just go for it. I would love to see what you are working on, even if they're just practice pieces or exercises or whatever.

Your blog is still a joy. Even when I don't comment, I look forward to each new posting. Take care and stay dry!

Annie said...

Count me in also as another who really enjoyed seeing this art piece, lovely!

: )