Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Waiting For The Rain To Stop

I managed to get to the bank, grocery, library and haircut. I also stopped in at the resale shop and Big Top for my egg bagel. But the heavy (at times) rain kept me from settling plants into the garden as I desired. Now, they have to wait for Thursday. G planted more radishes yesterday while he was home.

I saw an interesting blog post about making seed "tape" out of inexpensive paper napkins, washable school glue and seeds. Then covering the napkin with compost and vermiculite, watering and waiting. I also learned about placing a board over the carrot seeds (or any other small seeds) to keep them moist while they germinate.

My rhubarb custard pie is in the oven baking and I am enjoying my second iced coffee of the just begun summer-ish season. Delicious even if a bit watery. My ice melted while I was typing. I have to start putting leftover coffee in the fridge to get icy cold.

I took my library books back unread and then, while trying to select new books for G to read, I saw one of my returns on the shelf, so I checked it out again. My Quilting Arts June/July issue arrived this afternoon. I was getting worried. The previews looked all exciting and the actual pages --- not so much. I have debated canceling my subscription to this magazine but continuing with Cloth, Paper. I wish there was more written content (do the editors limit the number of words?) and less of the larger than necessary, poor digital photographs. Sometimes, Pokey, less magnification is better.

I have watched two of the Fringe season one discs. This is a perfect time to have something like this to watch as there is nothing to watch on regular television. Mad Men begins soon. And a few other cable shows return for the summer season like Closer. I don't mind repeats of Law and Order either, as I think I missed some due to the Tivo not recording the full season. G and I enjoyed the recent Jesse Stone movie (which we finally got to watch) and there's always Wipeout.

I am working 38 to 40 hours again this week. Still no discussion of less hours for me. Others are already done for the season and will be returning in the fall. And that wedding is drawing closer. Delivery is scheduled for Friday afternoon. I have 6 white pots done and 4 red. I need 12 each. And I have the large white done but not the red. Hard to find plants with buds, good leaves and a nice shape. The white are better than the reds. I am hoping an order of plants came in today for me to pick from tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I need to be finished by Thursday night so I can spend Friday cleaning up the pots and plants and making everything look perfect. Remind me to take a soft brush to work to brush any dirt specs off the leaves?

I was TOTALLY tempted to buy the $3 huge bags of orange slice candies at Big Lots today. I absolutely LOVE to eat the slices by the handful. Which is one of the reasons I weighed 238#s. I didn't eat bad things. But I did eat too much of all the good things. And stopped being able to bend over and pick things up off the floor or tie my shoes.

On that rather sad note: I will stop eating tortilla chips out of this bag next to my right hand.


Deborah Boschert said...

Wipe Out and Doritos?! I'll be right over!

Life Scraps and Patches said...

Wishing for rain here, but I'm feeling all kinds of happy about starting to get my plants in. Finally it's starting to look as if someone lives here.

I actually liked this issue of Quilting Arts better than previous ones. More of the kinds of things I might actually do.

Good luck with those wedding flowers. Sounds a little stressful to me.

dee said...

Zee package...she is in zee mail..
My word verification is nuddist. I shall try not to be one in your presence.