Monday, June 07, 2010

Mars In My Sign

Boosting my vitality until July 29th. Wowza! I'm supposed to be careful I don't burn out. At 63, I don't think that's possible. Nice thought though.

The sun is supposed to be coming out today. I have shorts on and see a long day in the perennial yard in my future. The "boys" can water the greenhouse unsupervised. I have a flat each of basil and parsley to purchase today and G bought my Epsom Salts so I can dig and plant my tomatoes tomorrow or even after work today. Mosquitos. I may wear my Mosquito Fan to work.

I have packed a HUGE lunch for myself. Pasta and BBQ (extra sauce) instead of salad or yogurt. We'll see if that helps me feel better in the afternoon. I'm not all that hungry at dinner time but starving at lunchtime. Cold salad isn't ringing any bells lately. Yogurt doesn't taste yummy.

Taking the camera to work again today. See what I can take pictures of for the blog. One of my co workers is wearing those rubber shoes that have a section for each toe. Weird. I'll get a picture if she has them on today.

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