Monday, June 07, 2010

Post 809-Next To The Lamp

I was looking for something, anything, to use for the top of this post. I forgot to take my camera to work. And I found the most interesting Passion Flower and--no camera. This looked good and there was enough light to get a clear picture. My "mail" is in the bottom left corner. Dee. Light. Full.

G got home very late, had to cut the grass, had to drive the mower to the daughter's house, teach her how to use it, then go find a restaurant open to make us food. It's now 8.45 and we are about to eat dinner. What kind of crazy loons have we become? Old people. Nuts! The daughter cut the grass while G was hunting for food so now he is unloading it. Two lawns cut and looking very nice. I even grabbed the mower after G was done and cut the moss and grass covered swale (roadside area). It looked weedy. Now it looks different. Mowed moss is very different. G thinks I am crazy. Riley agrees.

I checked with the weather map and even though the picture shows rain--it is going to be mostly sunny tomorrow. The Tomatoes are going into the garden. Enough hardening off (rolling around the yard covered with shade cloth). Some of the plants already have tomatoes. I am so very proud. I am testing "Tomato Maker" fertilizer this year. Supposed to cure/fix everything that can go wrong. I hear about "everything that can go wrong" from my customers at work. Most of it is their fault.

I bought two six packs today: parsley and basil. I planted seeds but they aren't coming up. So I will encourage seed germination by example. The seeds can exist in the same bed with already grown parsley and basil and try a bit harder to fulfill their seedy destiny.

I also have the front yard planters to fill with flowers. So the deer have something to eat, overnight. I could always decorate with soap in pantyhose tied to a stick. Not. Riley thinks soap is delicious.

Time to eat. Drink. Be merry. Tomorrow is my day off and it isn't going to rain. Woo Hoo!!!

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dee said...

Dee-lighted to help!
Hope your day off is a bright, sunny, dry, day.
You're not old people-they eat at 4:30