Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday Morning

I woke up to the sound of rolling thunder going over the house with heavy rain. Big booms. We hardly ever have a thunderstorm here in Maine. Well, hardly ever before the last few years. Now, in 2010, we are getting thunder even in the winter. Climate change is far reaching. I think the sun is trying very hard to come out. I can sense a change in the light every so often.

Riley is less than pleased with today. He likes water but not rain. I found him curled beside my side of the bed this morning for comfort and protection.

I made my oatmeal a new way this morning. Same amount of oatmeal, twice as much water and double the time in the microwave. So, 1/2 cup dry oats, 2 cups water and 4 minutes (could have done 30 seconds more). Let it sit. And you have a large bowl of thick oatmeal for the same calories as the small bowl. It is indeed large. I haven't eaten the whole bowl yet and feel very full. Which is a fantastic feeling when counting carbs and calories.

The Greek yogurt is doing something. My flabby tummy is looking less flabby. And that has never been the case, even when I was 20 pounds lighter on the "diet". I just wish the yogurt would have some effect on my saddlebag thighs. Any ideas for that area?

I made a crock pot of BBQ pulled pork again. Pork was on sale for $1.49 a pound so I bought seven pounds of southern style ribs (Boston Butt). This time I will freeze a portion. As much as we like this stuff, we do get tired of eating it day after day. I like it on salads, pasta and nachos or rolled up in burritos. Almost nothing in the fridge today, so if it continues to rain, I will be washing the inside of the fridge. Spraying it with Simple Green. I like an almost empty fridge.

I have watched 5 of the seven Fringe, Season One discs. Which is great since there is nothing on television worth watching. In the "old days" I could watch vintage Law & Order but they have stopped broadcasting episodes.

The Wedding Flowers episode ended badly. A co worker shipped it off Friday morning before I got to work, not checking for water, any bad leaves etc. Forgot the saucers for the big pots. Sent all the paperwork with the driver so I had no receipts, no contact info, no nothing. I was open mouthed with astonishment and mentioned that I hoped I could return the "favor" when she had a client. She shrugged and said "whatever". I was "this close" to leaving the building and never coming back. I hate wedding flowers. Always. Always. Goes wrong no matter how hard you try to get it right. I kicked things and grumbled and said "shit, shit, shit" for awhile and then called a courier to deliver the saucers to the event. I will refuse to come to the phone on Monday when they call to complain.

On the home front, G has had his CAT scan and they detected a smoggy situation not unlike the sky in LA. A bacterial lung infection and now G is taking Amoxicillin three times a day and will have a visit with the doctor this Thursday to discuss his tests and blood work. I think everything will be okay. This is sort of like pneumonia only not as bad and no fever.

So, dear readers, I am hoping that next week, sans wedding, will be better. The light outside just went up a few degrees. Good sign.


Diane N said...

I am sorry to hear about the wedding flowers fiasco after all your efforts to make them nice.

But I am very happy that your husband's health scare has turned out to be something that's treatable with antibiotics and I hope that all his test results will be consistent with those findings. That is good news!!!

Marianne Mohib said...

Good news about G - thanks for sharing. What a colleague - unbelievable! Feel so sorry for the bride and groom, I hope they know how much effort you put in to deliver the perfect wedding flowers.

dee said...

Wishing G is well soon.
We've been having thunder boomers all day with Tornado warnings..what the hell? We don't get tornados on Long Island...well not so far.

Deborah Boschert said...

OMG Now I am also pissed off about the wedding flowers. I hope someone there truly appreciates what a conscientious worker you are.

I also like an emptyish frig.