Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pink Poppies

Returned because they were the "wrong" color. I think the label mentioned their pink qualities. Perhaps the gardener/owner needed some cash for a Starbucks run and therefore needed to dig up and return (for cash) her flowers. This reminds me of the guy who comes in each year around now to get his "money back" because his patio tomato plant is "too big". He doesn't bring the plant (loaded with tomatoes) back, he just asks for the $34.99 back. Last year they called me to the front counter and I refused to refund without the plant. He said he didn't want to dig it up. I said, then you like the plant? Yes. But it's not a patio tomato. Then return it? No. I said come back with the plant and I will happily give you a refund. Until then, no.

This guy buys the expensive $34.99 potted tomatoes and then comes in, every year to get his money refunded. Free Tomatoes. Quite a little scam he is running with a company that wants it's customers to be "happy". I'm all for making them happy, but he has to dig up and return the offending "too big" tomato.

I played "What Is It?" with any number of customers yesterday. Goofed on the Sweet Fern but got just about everything else right. Lots of customers with Oriental and Asian lilies finding the red lily beetle on their plants. Leaves eaten and brown piles of larva and poop. I've viewed these lilies on a few blogs lately, and, I am wondering when the red beetle will destroy them. The beetle is here in Maine and along the eastern coast but perhaps hasn't reached Tennessee yet. But it will. And there is no way to kill it.

I have planted a few items across from the stoop. A little "white garden" of Moonflower and Nicotiana Sylvestrii. I want to purchase an Arctic Queen Clematis to go with these two plants but can't justify it to myself. I may add some white impatiens. A low ground cover of pure white. And there were some broken bags of cow manure at work yesterday that I should have purchased. Duh!

The roofers arrived at 7 am and began setting up and getting ready to do the bedroom wing. It's cooler today, with sunshine so a very nice work environment for them. Even a slight breeze to keep the bugs moving. Riley goes out to check on things frequently and then back inside to check on me. My day off. I'm finishing my coffee and cereal and will then work on the legal document. Procrastination. And I will finish shredding my dad's files. I hauled so much paper from his house to mine. Just in case. But I think old utility bills and Medicare stuff can be shredded. The last, lingering medical bills were handled months ago.

So, my day stretches out in front of me. Free at last to read, drink iced tea and perhaps close my eyes and just breathe in and out. Rest. A day of "retirement".

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Oh, do get that Artic Queen clematis. You obviously love plants and would appreciate it for years to come. And the clematis would be coming to a good home. Cash one of those paychecks!

My day off's tomorrow.