Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sunny Picture On A Dreary Day

I don't mind working on rainy days. I wouldn't be able to work in my garden or sit on the deck daydreaming if I was home. I don't like being cold and wet at work. A nice "inside" job would be perfect on rainy days. I do have a pleasant enough job for the day. Sixteen window boxes filled with everything "PINK". I ordered the flowers yesterday and the customer brought the boxes in by mid afternoon. So, I am ready to just settle into a groove and plant pink flowers. This is the third year for this customer and the Bubblegum Petunias. Remember when I asked the Universe to send petunias in 2008?

The lady of the house and the person in love with Bubblegum Pink, passed away this spring. So this is a remembrance of sorts for her, given in loving memory by her husband of nearly 60 years. Their anniversary would have been in August. She was delighted by the thought of celebrating 60 years together. Her husband took care of her to the end. He said it was difficult, but he couldn't imagine not caring for her. Which lead me to wonder yet again. Is it easier to be the one who dies or the one left behind?

G and I went OUT to dinner last night. A small, local, Italian restaurant that serves up very good Eggplant Parm. G had lasagna and a side of Carbonara Procuito. Then we had small ice cream cones. We haven't been out to eat in nearly a month, so it was nice. We had wine. The guy at the table next to us had two martinis. He may have had a third by the time they finished dinner. I think you have to "build" to drinking that much in such a short period of time.

Bravo has a new show "Work of Art" with artists competing for money and an art show. This is something I will TiVo and watch with interest. Art. Finding the next Picasso. Making art is something I understand.

Riley is moving his toy basket across the floor while he digs his nose in to find just the right bone to chew on this morning with G. G holds the bone while Riley chews. Interactive Play. This dog is very amusing.

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dee said...

Sorry, I have to snap out of it. When I hear the word Carbonara I go into a little trancemmmmmmm.

How sweet that the man buying the pink petunias does this in remembrance. That would be a way I would like to be remembered. I can't decide about the living or the deceased being better off but if your dead I suspect it doesn't bother you. The one left behind has to live with the sadness. That it unless there is really a whole "Our Town" thing going on in an after life which would please me no end. To imagine her seeing those flowers is a wonderful thought.
I'm hoping that in the after life that may be, I can eat anything I want- all the time- and never gain an ounce. That would truly be heaven.