Friday, June 25, 2010

Breakfast Bowl

Store brand mini shredded wheat with unsweetened soy milk. Why do they flavor and sweeten soy milk? It has no taste. Meaning a taste/flavor that needs to be hidden. And the addition of "cane syrup" really defeats the "organic" ness of the soy milk. And vanilla milk?

I have gotten two deliveries of Publix Rich & Creamy coffee creamer. They have switched from the nice blue cap to a gold cap and have also changed the creamer. It is no longer rich & creamy, smooth and white. It is grainy and beige and is sending Coffeemate vibes. I am not amused. And my coffee isn't as wonderful.

I can no longer get the wonderful cotton v-neck tee shirts I love. I can't find underpants that I love. Now, my favorite creamer (the one I even pay a baggage fee for when I fly to places that have a Publix) isn't the same. I've given up on finding a comfortable bra. I can understand why older people stop buying or wearing new things and wear threadbare undies and clothes. I am bleaching my clothes more now--to try and make them look cleaner and less spotted. I have spots on the fronts of nearly all my vintage white tees.

Yesterday I visited Goodwill looking for light, sleeveless cotton shirts with collars. I found one and went to try it on as it looked a bit skimpy. I stood in the dressing room and stared in amazement at the old, fat, lumpy woman who was in there with me, trying on a similar shirt.

Reality Check! What the hell has happened to me this summer? I could understand this if I was drinking beer and eating bacon cheeseburgers with fries. I'm eating fricking yogurt with frozen raspberries. Soy milk and cereal. We haven't had pasta or pizza in weeks. I'm working 4 to 5 days a week lifting things and never sitting down. On my days off I have laundry, gardening, hauling bags of manure to the garden and I look like I never lift anything other than candy bars while reclined on the sofa.

Old. Fat. Lumpy. And my toes are all gnarled and deformed. When did that happen? I used to get them painted red for the summer. How ridiculous. Now I try, but rarely succeed, to get all the dirt off my feet after working outside all day. I even soak and scrub them. Still dirty. I will have to go back to wearing socks. Then I'll have filthy socks instead.

G was up very early this morning. The morning shift manager (new) was late showing up. G left without eating breakfast. Now I'm up early also and will be going out to do some gardening left over from yesterday and then a shower and off to work. I already did two loads of wash,changed the sheets, dog bed covers and made coffee, ate breakfast, made my lunch and it's 8.25. I'm not exhausted yet, but by 2 or 3 pm I will have lost the will to continue working. I work until 6 this evening. If we were still open until 7, I would kill myself.

Tonight's dinner is red ripe local tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil and balsamic vinegar with olive oil. Tuscan boule to sop up the juices. Simply divine.

It rained hard enough yesterday that I don't have to worry about watering the garden. The lawn people covered the grass with some natural gluten weed killer and requested we water (we never do) and it rained so that's all well and good. I guess. The dryer just buzzed. Got to get moving.


Hand Quilting Nana said...

I hate it when they change products without consulting us consumers. I have a Publix here but don't buy their coffee creamer.

I did like the granola cookies that Pepperidge Farm made and now the have stopped making them. They were slow sellers they said.

I used to buy my paper towels at Target because their brand were the best ones I could find. Now they have changed them and they are awful.

I used to love eating at Longhorn because I got the chicken tenders with a sweet potato and a salad for $9.89. Now they only let you have one side so I have to decide if I want the potato or the salad or pay extra. The manager said too many people complained that it was too much food. B.S. I say. Nobody complains about getting too much food. Did they honestly think anyone would believe that excuse for a way to charge us more. Now I have no place to eat. And I don't like to cook.

And when I look in the mirror and see this old woman looking back it's like the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Everything is changing and I don't like it.


Helen Conway said...

"Old. Fat. Lumpy"
Well, I can't comment on that as I never see a full photo but I can add to the list for you:
'funny, sparky, interesting, hard working..."
You get the drift. Stop doing yourself down and look for the plentiful good things about yourself.